God’s Perfect Strength


God's Strength

We are wrapping up this study, No More Perfect Moms, Chapter 10.

I found it very interesting to read this section and hear a perspective that we often do not.

…..God sees weakness as a positive opportunity.  He celebrates!  Throws a party!  He gives us a pat on the back when we admit our weaknesses!  Why?  Because it’s only when we admit our weaknesses that we realize our need for God’s strength.

This set me back a few, to be quiet honest.  I forget….I struggle with trying to do it all on my own and I certainly would never want to admit I am weak.  In fact, I was just having a discussion about how this makes me feel with my husband…it is like the worst feeling every.  I feel like a failure if I am weak, but I can now see…..this is where God needs me to be.  


To admit I cannot do it all.

It is about Pride for me, I am ashamed to admit that.

That word has spoken in BIG FAT LETTERS as I read through this book, Pride.  Each chapter held a bit of ugly about me in that word, and I need to allow God to break me down and then, rebuild me back up.

I read this blog post from another mom who shares her life online, and I was so thankful for her heart, her story, her feelings of being in a place that is lonely and disheartening.  But, it spoke to my heart as well.

I share in her desire to let more of God in, taking the time to allow less control and more of Him.

“When I allow God’s strength to overcome my weakness, there’s a little more of God in me and a little less of me.”

We arrive at pivotal points in our life, where we make choices, they can be positive or negative.  I feel that I am at one of those….a corner where I need to make a better decision than perhaps I have in the past.

Do you ask God for help?

This really resonated with me, and I feel that I need to begin asking more than I do, which is not very often.

“When, in our weakness, we ask for God’s strength, we really see that God goes to work.  God will never force Himself on us.  He’ll patiently wait until we ask for His help.”

 It is my pride that gets in the way ….again.  I feel like I should be able do it, or handle it, or complete it.

I was encouraged with the last section of the chapter, talking about God’s perfect hope.  That is where we come to, a hope in Him and what He offers.  But yes, it is up to us to meet with Him and ask.

I know that He has great things planned for me, even here as I turn ….ugh…47 next week.  Boy that seems really old!! But I know His plan is not old and that He wants to us me in ways that I have no idea.  I need relinquish control, come to Him and ask and be ready and willing to step out of my comfort zone and lose the Pride.

Such a constant battle for me….. but I am committed to change…. I want to change.  I do not want to remain the same, even though that is the easy way.

What spoke to you in this chapter?

What can you work on now to effect change in your life?

Can you commit to being the best mom you can without having all those unrealistic expectations?

I loved how Jill ended the chapter……..  “just imperfect moms partnering with a perfect God.”   Just perfect!

Come back tomorrow for a quick closing and a blooper video that will be fun to watch.  I will also be sharing a bit of a surprise I’ve kept from the Hearts at Home Conference!