Free Holiday Treats eBook


Another great Freebie to get you ready for the holidays!  I was happy to contribute a small recipe to this fabulous ebook that Mandi at Life… Your Way compiled with the help of 15 talented bloggers.  You’ll find quick and easy treats of all kinds to make with your family.  Keep them for your own holiday cheer or give them away as gifts.

I hope you find a favorite recipe in the bunch!

Print or download the free ebook here.

Be sure to check out Mandi’s other wonderful free planning pages and printables as well – they are all included in the ebook too! [Read more…]

Pedestals and Vacuums


I am practical.  In fact one of the characteristics that was said of me when I graduated from my Parent Coaching Certification program was, practically minded.  I am practical with my kids, the way I run my home, the way I deal with friendships – really most anything.   I don’t consider it a bad thing, but could it be?

Yesterday I got my 3rd anniversary present from my husband.  Now if we were sticking to the Hallmark way of doing things I should have received something leather (traditional gift) or crystal (modern gift).  Well, I got pedestals for my washer and dryer.  Yep, that is me – the practically minded one.  [Read more…]