Ten Minute Tuesday


Welcome to a regular feature for Tuesday, Ten Minute Tuesday.  Take a few minutes to slow down, sit & enjoy the music – let the words sink into your spirit.  Whether you are feeling unprepared to face what you have today or just wondering how you will get through the day, The Lord has you in His heart, He desires to draw you near and lead you in the direction He sees.

Casting Crowns – If We’ve Ever Needed You – I hope this song brings about refreshment to you today.  If you are having trouble viewing the video in the RSS feed, please click to the complete post.



May your day be blessed!

“In my distress I screamed to the Lord for HIS help.  And he heard me from heaven.”  –   Psalm 18:6

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Coming Out of the Fog – A Journey


I am empty, tired and feeling drained.  Yet, I know that I need to pick myself up by the bootstraps and move forward – but how?

Normally my posts are about parenting tips, advice, strategies or ways to make being a mom a little easier.  Well, if you are looking for that today, you can stop reading.  Today’s post is more about me, my life and how to be real with my readers.  I have wondered how much of myself to share with you all and I keep feeling that I am to be authentic and real, this is who I am  – this is about real life and the journey – my experience  I can share.  I am not perfect, honestly – far from it for sure!  But what I am is honest, true to myself and wanting to make an impact.  So if you are looking for ‘real’, then keep reading. [Read more…]