Creating a Peaceful Holiday Home


There are so many elements that can enter our spirit and create an uneasy and stressful feeling, especially during the Christmas season.  It seems there is more to do which can often lead to frazzled days and exhausted nights.  If you are looking to create a truly warm environment for everyone in your home, take note of a few things that can help make that happen.

Keep it tidy

This is true all the time, but even more important during the holiday season when you have expected as well as unexpected guests popping in.  Instead of praying that no one comes by unannounced, wouldn’t it be great to be in a place where you can be excited to entertain even unexpected guests?  If you keep things tidy by picking up just a little each day, you will feel more comfortable with the look in your home.  If worrying about the whole house is too much, then only concentrate on areas that your guests will see, the entry, main powder room and family/kitchen room.  Assign a family member each area and make that ‘their’ area to keep picked up and ready for guests. [Read more…]

I’m Just a Mom


Enjoy a wonderful post on your role as a mother written by guest columnist Dana Bailey.

As I stood by my husbands’ side, I sensed many eyes on me. I tried to glance in their direction without making eye contact. I felt very inferior and unimportant. As long as no one talks to me, I will be just fine.

I was standing among women with perfect manicures and hair styles. Their clothes were stylish and classy. And then there was me.

My husband had brought me with him to a business dinner. All of the real estate agents in his office were meeting for dinner with their spouses. I only knew one other couple, but they were busy, so I stood by Scott, happy not to speak to anyone.

One woman did speak to me, “Dana, what do you do?” I hate questions like that. I answered as confidently as I could, “I stay home with our kids.” [Read more…]

Friday Freebies


Here again with some great deals for you!  A short list, but still some goodies!

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From Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures::   Free Holiday Ebook  (thanks Money Saving Mom!)

Don’t miss the FREE Holiday Treats ebook from yesterday’s post – get yours now! [Read more…]