Dealing with Sibling Fighting


If you’re like most moms of more than one child, you are probably tired of hearing, “He touched me” or “She’s on my side of the car.”

You may also be weary of the bickering and name-calling that are so prevalent with siblings. Even though these ideas are not the only ones parents have come up with, these six strategies for helping siblings get along may be just what you need to get a little peace and quiet in your home.

House Rules

Establish house rules about acceptable behavior and be prepared to follow through with agreed-upon discipline if they break the rules. (I talk about House Rules in my FREE mini-parenting series!)  This is one of the first items I cover when talking with moms about any type of pattern changes that need to happen in the home.  When your children know what is expected of them and that you will dole out consequences when necessary, they may be more willing to adhere to the rules better.  Even so, you know exactly what to do and are not caught off-guard when things start to down spiral. [Read more…]