Need a Spring Tune-Up?


Whoever said being married is easy – ISN’T married!

It is darn right hard and every day brings challenges.

When is the last time you have had an uninterrupted 15 minute conversation with your spouse?

How about a date outside the house – just the two of you?

The most common struggle most parents face is remembering what came first – your spouse.

If you are not intentional and purposeful in your marriage – it will suffer.  One of my favorite quotes that I often refer to is:

“Your children can wait while you tend to your marriage.  Your marriage will not wait while you tend to your children.”  – Unknown [Read more…]

Priority Management – A Value of Order


This article originally posted on Simple Marriage, May 20, 2010

I am preparing to teach on Priority Management this weekend to a group of ladies attending a small retreat to rediscover how to apply Biblical principles to everyday living.  This is a ministry I have become involved in and know this kind of mentoring/teaching is needed to restore the dignity of the home.  It is a refreshing view of using biblical principles in your home and daily life originally taught by Devi Titus & Marilyn Weiher using the book The Home Experience. This post contains information from their book and DVD teaching.

I recently did a survey among the moms that get my newsletters and updates and they told me their number one struggle right now is “improving my time management and running my home more smoothly.”  This was chosen over finding time for self-care, the need to create routines and ending the morning madness and getting my kids to listen the first time.  I was a little shocked. I would have thought the trouble with kids listening would have come out on top, but it didn’t.

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