New Online Book & Bible Study Announcement



I am thrilled to share our new book study, just in time for summer!

9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom: Replacing My Worst With God‚Äôs Best by Sue Detweiler

This is our 3rd online book study and honestly – even though it is quite a bit of work, I love the community that is brought together online here as well as the Private Facebook page that is always offered.   {If you missed the last two, they are HERE and HERE – you can go back at anytime and read the book and follow along with my thoughts and discussion}

I began reading this book last week and was immediately drawn in….. I feel it is exactly what I need right now and I knew others would feel the same.

The book discusses the challenges of being a mother, and really draws into the Word of God to bring about healing in many areas that we mom’s just plain try to ignore and brush over.  The Nine Traits talked about in the book all correspond to the Fruits of the Spirit and I know I surely need more of that in my life. 

This book is for every mom – it doesn’t matter the age of your children or the stage of your parenting – we all want to be the best mom for our child but so often we can feel like the worst. Is it Really Possible to heal the hidden places of our own hearts?  Yes, with God’s help!  9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom will help you find peace with your imperfections, learn from your mistakes, overcome negative and enjoy your journey as a mom.

For those who’ve participated in my other online book studies, you understand what an online study entails which is run on a blog.  For those who are new and have never done an online book study, here are the details:

  • The online study is run on the blog here at The Confident Mom – there is nothing you need to do to sign up, but to make it easier, you may want to sign up for the blog posts to be delivered right to your inbox, but you do not have to do that.
  • It will begin on Monday, June 2nd and continue until Monday, August 11, 2014.
  • Each Monday I will post the chapter of reading for the week and my thoughts.   Throughout the week I will be on the Private Facebook page sharing thoughts, offering up questions for you to answer and just share community.  There is also a study guide included in the copy of the book, which has some questions for you to consider and journal about.  I will post more details on what to expect during the week’s posts, but I plan to post two times.
  • There is no cost to participate, but you will really only be able to participate if you purchase your own copy of the book, “9 Traits of a Life-Giving Mom” by Sue Detweiler
  • Once again for this study, we will have a Private Facebook Page where you will be able to share with others who are going through the study, get encouragement as well as interact with other moms who are joining on this journey too.  This is not mandatory, just an option for those who are interested.  You can click here to ask to join.

Reading Schedule

Week One:  June 2  – Chapter 1:   Becoming a Life-Giving Mom, Study Guide Lesson 1

Week Two:  June 9 – Chapter 2:   Replacing My Anger with God’s Love, Study Guide Lesson 2

Week Three:  June 16 –  Chapter 3:   Replacing My Sadness with God’s Joy,  Study Guide Lesson 3

Week Four:  June 23  –  Chapter 4:  Replacing my Anxiety with God’s Peace, Study Guide Lesson 4

Week Five:  June 30  –  Chapter 5:  Replacing My Frustration with God’s Patience, Study Guide Lesson 5

Week Six:  July 7  –   Chapter 6:  Replacing My Negativity with God’s Kindness, Study Guide Lesson 6

Week Seven:  July 14  –  Chapter 7:  Replacing My Manipulation with God’s Goodness,  Study Guide Lesson 7

Week Eight:  July 21  –  Chapter 8:  Replacing My Fear with God’s Faithfulness,  Study Guide Lesson 8

Week Nine:  July 28  – Chapter 9:  Replacing My Pride with God’s Gentleness,  Study Guide Lesson 9

Week Ten:  August 4  –   Chapter 10:  Replacing My Self-Indulgence with God’s Self-Control,  Study Guide Lesson 10

Week Eleven:  August 11  –  Chapter 11:  Life-Giving Moms Give Life,  Study Guide Lesson 11

I am so excited to see what God will do in your life and mine during the 11 weeks that we are together!  I know this book will bring revelation  ūüôā

5 Lessons I Learned From Having a House Husband



Yes, it’s true….The Confident Mom has had a house husband helping run the show in her home! ¬†Before you make any judgements, let me share with you, why it happened, how it went and what I learned through the process. ¬†It might just surprise you.

For the past 25 days our family has tried an experiment of sorts.  My husband has a job where he travels out of town 3 1/2 days per week.  But for the month of April, he took extended vacation and was home Рa lot!

Since my business needed some extra attention, we decided that we would switch our responsibilities a bit to relieve me of my normal household duties so I could focus on blogging, my 2014 summer calendar release {soon,  I promise Рdid you read about my computer mishap??} coaching and my mentoring of Young Living leaders.

It was decided he would do all the laundry, general household routines, cooking and meal planning, and childcare between 9 am Р6 pm.  It was a big change.

So what have I learned from this experiment?  How things went, what I actually got accomplished and how I changed was not exactly what I was expecting.

1.  My Husband is Unique and Has His Ways {which are not always my ways}

I love my husband to death and he is honestly very capable at running a home, he was a single dad for 4 years before we married.  He is always willing to help around the house with my daily tasks, but I rarely take him up on it, except for grocery shopping.  I do let him do that as it is a real bonus for me.

But I will say, it was a real eye opener for me to let go of all the areas that I normally controlled and managed – from cleaning up, laundry, cooking and keeping the kiddos in line. ¬†His ways are different – not wrong, just different. ¬†It was a huge exercise in letting some things go, which for one who deals with anxiety, let’s just say I was reaching for my Valor a lot during the month to keep my calm!

2.  Laundry is not necessarily an Act of Love to Him

Out of all the tasks he lovingly took over for me, this would likely rate at the top of the list as one I had the most trouble with.  I tackle laundry a little bit each day Рalways РALWAYS Рcompleting a load from start to finish, folding it neatly in the basket and feeling success.  Not my husband.

I would find underwear left inside out, t-shirts (if we were lucky hung up, but often inside out) clothes left in the dryer getting wrinkled for at least a day, clothes just tossed into the clean basket, not folded.  I almost died.

Yes, did anyone get harmed by this change Рno.  Was it hard for me to see this play out differently than what I did, oh yes!

3.  Kitchen Tidiness is Irrelevant

I keep a very tidy kitchen when I cook.  If I take ingredients out, I usually put them back away as I am making the recipe, or at the very least as soon as I am done with the cooking part.  Not my hubby.

It became apparent that I just needed to vacate the kitchen/family room area when cooking commenced.  Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner Рit looked like a bomb went off.  I had to steer clear and often times just close my eyes.  Appreciating that he was capable and willing to do this task was more important than me trying to change how he does it.

4.  Losing Control means Growing

This was really a growing process for me, I had to lose this incredible urge to control all the aspects I normally could have, if it were me being the family manager.  Giving up control is a process and one I will always be in, but these types of opportunities allow me to stretch and grow outside my comfort zone, which just makes things easier each time I am forced to relinquish control.

5.  I Truly Do Miss My God-Given Role 

We began slowly transitioning back to our “regular” routine this week. ¬†I am still working on balance with my role as mom, family manager, wife and business owner – but the reality is it will never just be fixed. ¬†It is always a process of providing balance and checking priorities.

The honest truth is, I miss my regular routine of managing my home and being the care giver.  As much as I belly-ached about those things like Рmeal planning, laundry, cleaning and managing tasks РI missed it.  I really did.

So welcome me back to the role I was created for – the one who keeps my family in clean clothes, good food around the table and some type of organized routine.

{PS Рmy husband did say on about day two of this experiment that he had no idea how incredibly time consuming meal planning was and how frustrating it was.  By the time lunch was done and cleaned up he was having to figure out dinner! He did enjoy it a bit  more when I shared with him my secret weapon, Emeals!}

God’s Perfect Strength


God's Strength

We are wrapping up this study, No More Perfect Moms, Chapter 10.

I found it very interesting to read this section and hear a perspective that we often do not.

…..God sees weakness as a positive opportunity.  He celebrates!  Throws a party!  He gives us a pat on the back when we admit our weaknesses!  Why?  Because it’s only when we admit our weaknesses that we realize our need for God’s strength.

This set me back a few, to be quiet honest.  I forget….I struggle with trying to do it all on my own and I certainly would never want to admit I am weak.  In fact, I was just having a discussion about how this makes me feel with my husband…it is like the worst feeling every.  I feel like a failure if I am weak, but I can now see…..this is where God needs me to be.  


To admit I cannot do it all.

It is about Pride for me, I am ashamed to admit that.

That word has spoken in BIG FAT LETTERS as I read through this book, Pride.  Each chapter held a bit of ugly about me in that word, and I need to allow God to break me down and then, rebuild me back up.

I read this blog post from another mom who shares her life online, and I was so thankful for her heart, her story, her feelings of being in a place that is lonely and disheartening.  But, it spoke to my heart as well.

I share in her desire to let more of God in, taking the time to allow less control and more of Him.

“When I allow God’s strength to overcome my weakness, there’s a little more of God in me and a little less of me.”

We arrive at pivotal points in our life, where we make choices, they can be positive or negative.  I feel that I am at one of those….a corner where I need to make a better decision than perhaps I have in the past.

Do you ask God for help?

This really resonated with me, and I feel that I need to begin asking more than I do, which is not very often.

“When, in our weakness, we ask for God’s strength, we really see that God goes to work.  God will never force Himself on us.  He’ll patiently wait until we ask for His help.”

 It is my pride that gets in the way ….again.  I feel like I should be able do it, or handle it, or complete it.

I was encouraged with the last section of the chapter, talking about God’s perfect hope.  That is where we come to, a hope in Him and what He offers.  But yes, it is up to us to meet with Him and ask.

I know that He has great things planned for me, even here as I turn ….ugh…47 next week.  Boy that seems really old!! But I know His plan is not old and that He wants to us me in ways that I have no idea.  I need relinquish control, come to Him and ask and be ready and willing to step out of my comfort zone and lose the Pride.

Such a constant battle for me….. but I am committed to change…. I want to change.  I do not want to remain the same, even though that is the easy way.

What spoke to you in this chapter?

What can you work on now to effect change in your life?

Can you commit to being the best mom you can without having all those unrealistic expectations?

I loved how Jill ended the chapter……..  “just imperfect moms partnering with a perfect God.”   Just perfect!

Come back tomorrow for a quick closing and a blooper video that will be fun to watch.  I will also be sharing a bit of a surprise I’ve kept from the Hearts at Home Conference!

No More Perfect Moms – Week Nine



It is the final week – I don’t know if I should be happy or sad???  I love these book studies and truly feel that it is the calling of this space on the web, to provide support in this way for moms all over the world to connect, grow and share.  Ah, my heart is so full!

This last week we are talking about God, our relationship with Him and the qualities He possesses.  I love hearing peoples stories, their journey through life, the good, bad and ugly – it is what makes us all who we are.  I also love sharing God’s powerful redemption even in the midst of seemingly hopeless situations.

Here is the agenda for this week:

{If you are viewing this post via email, you will need to click through to the website to view the video}


Week 9:  March 24 – 28 , 2014

Monday – watch the video, download the discussion questions for WEEK NINE

Tuesday – come prepared by having read Chapter TEN, join the conversation

Wednesday – check in over at Facebook for a few questions 

Thursday –  we will be wrapping things up and putting application to what we’ve learned

What struck you while you watched the video?

Please share in the comments and hop over to the Facebook page.  

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Homemaking Tips and Tricks


As I sit and type, it is 2:12 PM on Wednesday, I am behind on my blog writing, I need to leave in 25 minutes to pick up my little guy from school, this post will likely be left to finish later, I just threw my first load of laundry in the washer, have two phone calls to make and I have no idea what is for dinner.

UGH!  But I was able to get together with my ladies for our bi-weekly bible study.  Sometimes days just do not go as planned!

“There are no perfect homemakers – just real moms, deciding what’s right for their families and working to create a warm, nurturing home for those they love.”

I share, because I want you to know there are days……often many days where I struggle a lot to keep things together.  For me, it seems to be especially when my hubby is out of town. 

After thinking though, I remember – I have some soup in the freezer that is perfect for days like this.  I was out of town at the Hearts at Home Conference all weekend and have yet to get to the grocery store, so when I remember those ‘bits’ in my freezer I am quite relieved.  {I still have to tell you all about my wonderful trip and the time I septa visiting with Jill in her home before my flight home….so treasured!}

I love this chapter of homemaking and learning tips (From No More Perfect Moms) on how to make it work a bit better for you.  We all have areas that we are strong at and areas we are weaker in.  For me, meals are a bit stronger, than say decorating.  I always seem to feel defeated before I even start with decorating, and right now while we are in the midst of ‘re-decorating’ or family room I am feeling very un-inspired.

Hospitality is also a weak area for me, but this year I am trying to stretch myself and invite more people into our home, even in the midst of it feeling like it is not together yet.  Will it ever be all together?  I think we can all feel like our homes will never be quite there, so instead of fretting and delaying, just step out.  I am doing that more and I feel so thankful.

What have I learned about these areas of homemaking?

There are no perfect meals, but there are ways to streamline the meal-making process!


I love the tips Jill gives and will reiterate a few.  I have already shared my little tip on preparing in bulk and freezing, think about all your family favorites and then out of those what can you cook in larger batches to freeze?  I bet you will be amazed.

I also use eMeals to help me plan meals and keep me sanity.  I honestly enjoy looking at recipes on Pinterest, but to take the time to put together all the ideas, make a shopping list and such is a bit too time consuming for the season I am in right now.  I love that I can grab my eMeals meal plan from my computer or even their new APP and decide if I like all the ideas on the menu or delete a few and add in some family favorite, like simple tacos or chili.  My life is made easier and it doesn’t break the bank, especially when I am trying to eat PALEO or at least Gluten Free.


I am like Jill, not much of a creative thinker when it comes to decorating – but I can re-create an idea from Pinterest or a magazine. I can allow the negative self-talk get me down as well, but try to remember that I can’t be great at everything, so that I why I have friends who are gifted in decorating!


This is a goal for 2014 – creating and spending more time in relationships.  

“Hospitality is our opportunity to be Jesus to those around us.”

What resonates with you when you read that line?  Are you living out your life as The Lord would want you, sharing His love with others?  I know that I am not and am intentionally working on this.  I am happy to report I have stretched myself and it feels good. Relationships are important, in fact….they are almost THE most important thing.

Which of these areas spoke to you most?  What do you feel is truly at the heart of the issue and why you struggle?

Where did you learn about the art of homemaking?  Did you have a good role model or did you have to learn to ‘wing’ it?

In what way can you stretch yourself this week or weekend?

Please begin reading Chapter 10, I will see you Monday!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for a great giveaway you will not want to miss – if you care about improving your family’s health – do not miss it!

If you missed my post on Facebook {Which most do since only 2% of followers see it!!} here is the opening from the Hearts at Home Conference on Friday – it was incredible!!  The best part, the performer is none other than Jill’s son Austin.  It was incredible – take a minute and enjoy – YOU ARE AWESOME!!  

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