Pedestals and Vacuums


I am practical.  In fact one of the characteristics that was said of me when I graduated from my Parent Coaching Certification program was, practically minded.  I am practical with my kids, the way I run my home, the way I deal with friendships – really most anything.   I don’t consider it a bad thing, but could it be?

Yesterday I got my 3rd anniversary present from my husband.  Now if we were sticking to the Hallmark way of doing things I should have received something leather (traditional gift) or crystal (modern gift).  Well, I got pedestals for my washer and dryer.  Yep, that is me – the practically minded one.  [Read more…]

Coming Out of the Fog – A Journey


I am empty, tired and feeling drained.  Yet, I know that I need to pick myself up by the bootstraps and move forward – but how?

Normally my posts are about parenting tips, advice, strategies or ways to make being a mom a little easier.  Well, if you are looking for that today, you can stop reading.  Today’s post is more about me, my life and how to be real with my readers.  I have wondered how much of myself to share with you all and I keep feeling that I am to be authentic and real, this is who I am  – this is about real life and the journey – my experience  I can share.  I am not perfect, honestly – far from it for sure!  But what I am is honest, true to myself and wanting to make an impact.  So if you are looking for ‘real’, then keep reading. [Read more…]

Memorial Day Weekend Reading


When you get this I will be packing my big RV with supplies to venture out camping for the holiday weekend.  I am a little nervous, my hubby is not here to help drive and park (Yes, I have to back-in this 32 ft. machine into the campsite!!) Gladys  (that is the name of our RV).  So if you could say a quick prayer for me I would appreciate it.

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Incredible Mom Story


I turned on my computer this morning to find Jill Savage’s blog post about a story she read that was powerful and a must read.  So I took a gander over to the site and my heart was captured.  I had to pass it on for those of you moms who love to get touched in a way that only a mom would understand.   Here is what Jill said

When I find something written by someone else online and it touches my heart deeply, I just have to share it with you.  I’m sharing this mom story today especially for those of you who are special moms with special kids.  However, this is a story every one of us should read.  Click here to have your heart touched deeply.

Grab a cup of coffee and several tissues – you’ll need them.

Should You Give Your Kids “that”????


From ScreamFree Parenting by Hal Runkel

“Eating everything you want is not that much fun. When you live a life with no boundaries, there’s less joy. If you can eat anything you want, what’s the fun in eating anything you want to?”
Tom Hanks (1956- )

Hanks spoke these words in an interview for Esquire magazine. They were discussing how some movie roles require you to gain weight and how that task simply isn’t as fun as one might think.

Hanks is dead on right about this. Delayed gratification and self discipline don’t exactly sound like fun things to do, let alone teach your children, but they ultimately bring about more joy than you can imagine. I know this sounds like common sense, but just because your kids think that want something doesn’t mean that they really should have it. What they really want is a parent who ruthlessly does what is in their best interest with calm confidence.

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