Home Front Hearts


One of the wonderful aspects of The Confident Mom is the community of moms that I find myself amongst.  I love the interactions, unexpected meetings and stories that you all share.

Recently I had the opportunity to learn of an organization that provides support and resources to the families of service members.  I had mentioned ways families could serve outside the home in one of my newsletters, and a mom sent me a note to share her organization, because I had mentioned ways to help military families.

I would love to introduce you all to Randi Cairns.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of Home Front Hearts, Inc.  The mission of Home Front Hearts is to serve the families that serve our country by: providing support and resources to the families of service members, increasing public awareness of the struggles and sacrifices of military families, and engaging both individuals and businesses in building communities that are responsive to the needs of these families.

I hope you enjoy getting to know Randi and how she shares her heart in ways that help our military families! [Read more…]