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This week’s task for Thursday in the Weekly Household Planner

Quick clean bath tubs & showers

So I have to admit, I usually only end up cleaning one of our showers when the task is a “quick clean”.  The other shower in our home doesn’t get used quite as often since our kids float in and out of the house since we are a blended family.

But as the saying goes, if you do a little more often it will usually end up taking you less time.  This is certainly true for those pesky showers and tubs.  Instead of waiting for the ‘ick’ to stick everywhere, especially on those glass shower doors, I find it is easy to give a quick clean each week to keep that film to a minimum.


I keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (I love this pack of Magic Erasers from amazon, a great price, free shipping and you get a variety!)  in my shower caddy so when I am hoping in the shower I can quickly wipe down tile and shower doors before I get out.  Sometimes I will even do a quick spray of the interior with my favorite shower cleaner too, Bright Green Bathroom Cleaner. 


I find this at Safeway and I love the fresh clean scent, plus it strips soap scum build-up in a jiffy!

If you have another shower/tub in your home and you want to delegate someone else to do this quick clean – that sounds like a great idea!  Remember, delegating is a mom’s best friend.


Do you have a favorite product for cleaning tubs & showers?

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Weekly Household Quick Tip


Several tasks this week can be combined and taken care of in one quick swoop! In the “This week” section of the Household Planner you need to to buy Valentines for your kids’ classes, plan for gifts and cards for February occasions and restock cards and wrapping supplies.  It seems like a lot to do, doesn’t it?  You know what I have found though, if I take the time to keep stocked up on these items I tend to spend less money and less time to keep on top of things.

I don’t have to run out at the last minute to get wrapping paper for that last minute birthday gift and I don’t end up spending $4 on a birthday card either, because I have a stocked supply.  I shared about how I organize my cards here.

I have a few resources that I use in order to makes these tasks super easy and certainly less stressful.  I have two “go to” places to get wrapping supplies as well as cards – DaySpring and Current Catalog.

DaySpring has different options for purchasing bundles of cards which work out to be less than $1 per card – you are prepared and don’t break your budget!  The same can be said for Current, where they help you celebrate holidays, special & everyday occasions with value-priced greeting cards, gift wrap and gifts for everyone on your list.

So if you are ready to get organized this week, use the link above for Current and get 15% off your order, or go to DaySpring and place an order or sign up for their card club, you won’t regret it!

Christian Greeting Cards from DaySpring

Make sure you have entered the $35 DaySpring giveaway from last week, it ends tonight at midnight!

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