Weekly Household Quick Tip


Tackling this task for Tuesday in the Weekly Household Planner:

Organize pantry – earliest expiration dates in front

Here is a quick guide to getting started with cleaning/organizing your pantry – one of those tasks that we can easily procrastinate on!  But when I have an organized pantry I do find it more enjoyable to prepare meals, how about you?

  1. Take everything out of the pantry including food, food storage containers, bags, cook books and junk/trash that may have accumulated.
  2. Dust the pantry, starting with the highest shelf, and then wipe down each shelf one at a time. Be sure to cover the tops of doors, wipe down the surface of the door and check the ceiling for cob webs.
  3. Line up the food items in one space so you can see everything at once. You may want to do this on your kitchen table, dining room table, or even the floor. This way you’ll be able to spot duplicates, determine just how much of an item you have and get a general sense of how much space each type of item will need. [Read more…]