Week Two: Focusing Your Energy Effectively


Free 5-Part Video Mini Series - Part 2: Focusing Your Energy Effectively

Welcome to Week 2 of The Opening Act

Becoming the Calm, Cool and Confident Mom You Want to Be!

 Putting It Into Practice Handout for Week 2

A note on the printable PDF handout – you may type directly on this handout or you can print it out to handwrite your answers. It is completely up to you.

We are talking about Focusing Your Energy Effectively – in other words, Self Care. This is a common topic for moms to chat about, but do we really understand how critical it is for us to have success in our motherhood journey?

I have shared many times on the blog before (one in particular) because I need to be reminded that it really is a non-negotiable item on our to-do list. And I shared a post which created a little controversy around my title!

Video for Week 2

Week One: Shifting Our Focus


Free 5-Part Video Mini Series - Part 1: Shifting Our Focus

Welcome to Week 1 of The Opening Act

Becoming the Calm, Cool and Confident Mom You Want to Be!

I am so glad to have you here. My prayer is that over the next five weeks I can help you develop some new habits to enjoy motherhood in a different way. One of the best parts of this journey will be that it is FREE – it will cost you nothing but your time investment – but after all, isn’t your family worth it?  

Putting It into Practice Handout for Week 1

Each week I will have a short video for you to watch, as well as a Putting It into Practice handout. It is that simple!

A note on the printable PDF handout – you may type directly on this handout or you can print it out to handwrite your answers. It is completely up to you.

I mention the book ScreamFree Parenting by Hal Runkel in this video. It was critical in my shift of thinking and I suggest you grab a copy to supplement your journey over the next few weeks. 

Video for Week 1

Please share what resonates with you in the comments. Your sharing will encourage others. Come back during the week to check in too. I’d love to hear how it’s going.

Becoming a Calm, Cool & Confident Mom Series


FREE 5-Part Video Mini Series: Becoming a Calm, Cool & Confident Mom

It’s been one of those days and you are quickly losing all your patience. Your kids are not cooperating, you’re not sure what’s for dinner, and you’re about to lose your cool.

Sound familiar?

I have had plenty of those days – until I learned a few key concepts that really helped me turn my frustration and guilt into responses that actually could be helpful (rather than more damaging).

Are you ready to learn some concepts that will help your daily journey as a mom?

I am excited to share a 5-part video series – complete with a “Put It into Practice” action guide – to help you truly grasp some new skills.

Over the next five weeks, we will be covering these topics which will help you respond rather than react in your home:

Each Monday for the next five weeks, I will post a 5-minute video with some helpful tips and steps. You will grab your printable action guide and use it to incorporate this new focus during that week.

This format will be easy to use, considerate of your time as a busy mom, and will make a difference in your parenting! Jump-start your journey to intentionally focus on what you can do to become the mom your kids need you to be and you so desperately want to be.

For those who may have went through this material before on my site, I have made all new videos – so you won’t want to miss the update!

Here is more on what you will experience. This video says you have to sign up, but you don’t – all the material will be here on the blog!

So get ready to get back on track starting next week! Please feel free to share with your friends too. They can come back to the blog or subscribe to have my blog posts delivered right to their inbox, making it super easy. I will also be sharing on The Confident Mom Facebook page.

I am excited to share how I struggle in this area daily. I am not the expert, however I have learned a lot in my parenting journey and want to share it with you!

Summer Planning Made Simple



I hope everyone had a great weekend, and especially a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I spent the weekend watching baseball – one of my favorite activities.  I watched my five year olds t-ball game, my older son’s game where he coaches a team of thirteen year olds and then went to the Mariner’s game on Sunday.


Today I wanted to share many of the past resources that I have here on the blog.

My most popular is the Summer Survival Calendar which I shared about last week, but after that is a very thorough post filled with all types of topics related to summer.

30-days-summer-moms-go-to guide

You can find it HERE – with posts about water safety, hiking tips, summer activities, safer sunscreen and more.  Just a click away!


The Four F’s of Summer Parenting – quick and easy strategies to keep your parenting game on during the summer – all while having fun too!


And finally, a Successful Summer Planning Webinar, with tips to make your summer more manageable!

I hope this helps get your summer off to a great start.

Four F’s of Summer Parenting


As you read this I am driving 700 miles round trip (in one day!) to bring my daughter home from college!  WOOT!  I am really excited to have her back at home.  It has been a year of growth for both of us and I think our relationship will never be the same….in a good way!

Which had me thinking that summer is just around the corner.  In our neck of the woods school does not get out until late June, but I know in other areas of the country the count down is nearly into single digits!  You are either excited as a mom, or dreading it.

Things tend to change in the summer, less structure and routine can cause frustration – unless you have some set principles in mind. Just because it is summer doesn’t mean you are off duty as a parent or should your kids expect to backslide.

Here are my four F’s of parenting for a  summer full of fun and less frustration, and yes, they are good all during the year too!

Be Firm

Clearly state expectations and consequences and adhere to them when your child acts inappropriately.  It can be easy to allow behavior to escalate or get out of control in the summer when you do not clearly state expectations and also remain consistent.  We tend to slack off a bit when things are more relaxed, but we all know the end result – not necessarily good.  Make sure you keep consistent and your kids will have a much better idea of how much they can trust what you say and if you mean it. [Read more…]