Is it Disrespect?


Disrespect:   dis·re·spect  (from

1. lack of respect;  discourtesy; rudeness.

2.  to regard or treat without respect;  regard or treat with contempt or rudeness.

I find it interesting how families can determine and define ‘disrespect’ among their children.  Some families have very little tolerance, while other families can hardly find a way to communicate with each other without being disrespectful.

I would say disrespect among our children is escalating – I know that for those of us who are in the 30-40 age range we could certainly say, “I would never have gotten away with speaking to my parent that way!”  The eye-rolling, the deep sighs when asked to help out, the flat out, “no.”  So why is it allowed now?

The reality is that you can and should expect respect in your home among family members indeed just as much as you would expect it dealing with others outside your home.

As I work with two different families over the past month, the topic of disrespect and bad attitudes among their children surfaced.  Both moms wondered at what age to make a big deal of it, or was it just a stage the child had to go through.  Often times, there are stages of behavior that will pass and you will not need to expend a lot of energy on to combat, but others will aggressive action and consistent patterns of behavior – on your part as the parent to help curb it from escalating out of control. [Read more…]

We are the Star Role in our Child’s Relationship Production!


Post written by Natalie Chandler, MA, LMHC of Imagine Hope Counseling Group

When we think of “role models” our mind often goes to teachers, coaches, or people in our community that showed us positive ways to develop into positive people. We are better for being taught by them.

As parents I think it is easy to forget that we are on stage all the time with our kids. We are being role models to them. They are little sponges that are soaking up everything. Little ones (and big ones, too) are trying to figure out their world and how to relate to everyone in it. [Read more…]

Fourth of July Weekend Reading for Moms


Short and sweet this weekend – great posts from around the web.  I am slowly acclimating myself to life with a newborn.  What a joy it has been, so much better than I could have imagined!  God is so good, I am blessed beyond anything I could have imagined!

Weekend Must Reads for Moms


Lots to share this week!  I think my list may be getting longer each week – so bear with me, these are all worth your time!  Get a glass of lemonade, put your feet up and take a break!

Be a “YES” Mom – Jill Savage


Last week my boys ran inside and said, “Mom, mom…it’s so hot outside! Can we see if it’s hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk?” The practical side of me started to say no, but then I caught myself. What would it hurt for them to try it? Why couldn’t I say yes? Is it “wasting” an egg, or simply using it for a different, but just as valuable, purpose?

After that quick argument in my head, I finally said, “Sure. If you want to try it, go ahead! Just make sure you wash off the sidewalk when you’re done.” They got an egg from the refrigerator and ran out of the house to try their science experiment.

[Read more…]