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Welcome to the 30 Days of Summer – Go-To Guide for Moms!

Day Thirty

The 4th of July is a time of celebration – family, friends, food and of course loud, bright and sometimes dangerous fireworks.  We will be at the beach, which makes the tasks of lighting fireworks and allowing kids to be involved somewhat easier, but if weather conditions aren’t just right, it can cause problems too!

One piece of advice – Adults should be in charge of any type of fireworks display. In order for you to enjoy the days’ festivities, the National Council on Fireworks Safety recommends the following: [Read more…]

Online Safety



Welcome to the 30 Days of Summer – Go-To Guide for Moms!

Day Nineteen

During summer vacation, kids often stay up late, sleep in late and play outside a lot.  That is part of enjoying summer!  In addition, today’s kids also spend more time online during the summer, playing video games, surfing the Internet, and meeting friends in chat rooms and social networking sites, like Facebook.   Although these online activities can provide hours of entertainment and learning, they can also expose kids to inappropriate content or people who might want to take advantage of them.

Parents don’t have to unplug the computer or be watching over them every second to help protect their children online.   I believe there are ways to create some independence for kids at appropriate ages to use the computer if they have been set up with appropriate boundaries and expectations.  If your child is using the computer and you’ve not done your homework, you could be setting yourself and your child up for some real grief in the future. [Read more…]

Summer Job Ideas



Welcome to the 30 Days of Summer – Go-To Guide for Moms!

Day Eighteen

Summer is here and it’s the perfect time for your teen to get a job.  This will be good preparation for their future role in the workplace.  It also teaches responsibility outside the home and gives your teen the opportunity to venture outside and learn more about themselves – and of course earn some extra spending money!

There were some technical difficulties with this episode and it did not record – sorry!  Please find the job topics below for those that I feel would be great first time jobs for kids.

Nanny/Mother’s Helper/Babysitting

This is a great first job – especially as a mother’s helper.  A child can go into a home while a parent it still present, but learn some valuable skills that can be carried into the future to babysit and become a nanny with more skills.


If your child loves to swim, grab the opportunity to take the life guarding test and use their love of swimming to have a fun job over the summer.

Lawn Mower/Yard Work

A great self-starter job.  Get some business cards made from a site like Vistaprint and set out on gaining a few customers to mow and do yard work for.

Car Washing

Another great self-starter job – gather supplies and go door to door in your neighborhood washing cars.

Craft Maker

Making craft items to sell either at the local farmer’s market or on ebay is a fun way to make some extra money and learn to manage money and customers.


Is your child successful in a particular subject?  Allow them to use that in a positive way to help other children excel.

Local Shop Help

Do you live in a small community?  Perhaps a local shop could use some help during the summer months and your chidl is the perfect fit.

Sports Instructor

I shared about this one in the 10 Strategies for a Successful Summer Action Guide – if your child is particularly good at a sport, why not offer to teach kids and or families that sport.  Tennis is a great example of one that could be shared with others and you could earn some extra money.

Camp Counselor

Does your church offer a summer camp your child could help at?  Or perhaps your local YMCA has one?  Look locally for opportunities for your child to get a job helping with other kids.

House Cleaning

Great life skills here – if your child likes to clean, help them find opportunities to use those skills to make some extra money.  Finding local friends/neighbors who are interested in allowing your child to hone their skills will give them confidence.

What are other summer job ideas?


Guarding Our Kids



Welcome to the 30 Days of Summer – Go-To Guide for Moms!

Day Twelve

America’s children are avid consumers of movies, music and video games. But sometimes their entertainment choices may not be appropriate for them. How is a parent to make sure that the latest hit movie, hot video game or chart-busting album is right for their child?

The summer months provide freedom to get out and explore, especially for older kids.  I can remember my kids venturing out for the first time to go to a movie with friends.  It can be a great way to help your kids spend time together connecting and to find independence.  Kids also enjoying spending time buying their own products, which can be difficult if you do not set up boundaries regarding those.  We’ve had to set expectations on what they can purchase, listen to and watch over the years – obviously changing with the maturity level. [Read more…]

Manners Matter


Everyone wants a well-mannered child. But, what do they need to know for this to happen?

Parents have so many responsibilities. Two of them are to teach their child right from wrong and how to act. It’s the latter that has parents looking shocked and embarrassed in front of other adults. Your child says or does something unexpected and everyone blames you.

The cold, hard truth is that children learn from imitating their parents. If you want them to practice appropriate mannerisms, then they need to observe them first.   Here are five of my top ones to make sure you have on your radar!

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Please and Thank You

A Word of Greeting

Answering the Phone

Practice selflessness

Waiting your turn to speak

 What would you add to the list? 


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