Information Overload and Anxiety


Young woman reading bible by stream in summer

Before I get to the study today, I wanted to share about the “Getting Real – Conversations that Spark Change” Conference calls which are an optional supplement to this study.

When I was outlining this study and praying about what it would look like, I thought it would be really fun to have some “contact” with you all in a different way than just blog comments and Facebook posts.  I knew how much I enjoyed conference calls, especially when I can listen later as I take a run or pick up kids from school in the car – they are just another format to let information sink in and glean from experts.  So I gathered a group of wonderful ladies who I know you will enjoy listening to share their tips and strategies on being organized, creating a peaceful home and getting rid of the clutter.

So, without further ado, here is our line up!

I am so thrilled to offer these calls – they are going to be so fun!  To find out more details on all the calls you can click over to the “Getting Real – Conversations that Spark Change” Conference call page – you will be able to purchase there as well, these calls are $7 – yes, you get all 4 call access for only $7 – but it gets better.  


As a special kick off, if you purchase by Thursday, October 24th at midnight, you can get $2 off by using the code early at checkout and access will only cost you $5!

For more information, go ahead and check out the page and then come back over for the information on today’s study!

Chapter Two:

A few key sentences that got my attention:

“Identifying what is the most important piece of information at any given time is actually a skill you can learn.  It involves dismissing the unimportant (at the moment) and narrowing your focus to what is the most critical.”

“Many women stumble over the answer to this question:  What are the top priorities in my life?”

“As purposeful women, our priorities should determine our activities.  However, in our busy lives, the opposite happens:  our priorities are determined by our activities.  When we live an activity-driven life, we are never quote sure what’s more important.  When that happens consistently over time, a low level of anxiety settles in.” [Read more…]