My Five Favorite Finds for May


When a friend finds something they really like, well…. they share!  So that is what this post is all about.  Every few months I tip you off to what I’ve found to be some favorite items I’ve recently discovered.  I typically try to link to amazon, so you can use the affiliate link if you so desire and contribute to our sponsorship of our Compassion girls – but often times you can find some of the items locally.


I love the ease and variety of things found on amazon, so I will be keeping up with my monthly subscribe and save orders (love getting an additional 15% off when I have 5 items!) and using my FREE Prime shipping too!  Now off to share my goodies with you all!

Theo Organic Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

OH MY WORD!   ORGANIC DARK CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS.    Now, I am not a huge chocolate lover – meaning I can have a bit here and there and that is enough…… but I am picky on what chocolate I eat since I have been more conscious of my food choices.  I love these peanut butter cups – no GMO, Organic, Palm Free and Soy Free and they are a local Seattle company.

I admit, they are spendy – but I eat one at a time normally – and keep them in my freezer.  One or two a week are a perfect “self-care” treat for me!  I get them locally at my Co-Op for $1.99 a pack…… so worth it for this mama!

4950Nature’s Sunshines Silver Shield Gel

I purchase this perfect skin gel several months ago to have in my mama wellness cabinet, since we are weeding out all the unnecessary toxic filled items we’ve used in the past to care for many common health and skin issues.  This gel is amazing for helping skin issues – I love it!   It is a great cleansing agent, perfect for scrapes, irritated skin, and bug bites.  

I love my Essential Oils for supporting our family wellness, but it is always good to have back up items to help as well, and this does the trick.  Do not leave home with out it!  Check out the amazing reviews on amazon!

Philips Sonicare Rechargeable Electric Toothbrush for Kids

This kids toothbrush is an investment and one of the best yet!  My five year old was needing some encouragement with his brushing, so we decided since all of the other family members use Sonicare brushes, it was time to introduce him as well.  Let me just say, he has been so excited to brush his teeth and get some magical stickers!  It is fun for him and I really love a few thing about the brush.  It has a beeper that tells him when to switch quadrants in his mouth – brilliant, as well as a 2 minute timer – which is the time dentist recommend kids brush for.

You can change the skins of the toothbrush, which gives personality and best of all – he looks forward to brushing his teeth, at least for now!

61DA7MAZ-eL._SL1500_Bose Sound True In-Ear Headphones

Good headphones are hard to come by – and when I find a pair that are exceptional – I know.  I us these headphones talking on my phone (love the built in mic), listening to music while running, both outside and on the treadmill and the sound is excellent.  There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to hear some good bass sounds and crisp tones.

I really love that when I am out for a run and I get a call (that I want to take!) I can easily click to answer and I don’t have to fumble around – it is very easy.  I saved up for these head phones and it was so worth it!  I have used these while traveling too, and they are perfect – lightweight and easy to keep in my purse.

MIU Color 500 ml Aroma Diffuser 

I can’t believe I have not posted in a FAVORITES post about this diffuser gem!  We are all about diffusing Young Living essential oils in our home, it is amazing for changing everyone’s attitude and keeping breathing free and easy!

This ultrasonic diffuser is a work horse!  It runs all night, you can turn the light off or have it on, it changes colors and has several timers and speed options.  The price is what gets me, $39.99.  It is a great value!  I have had two in our home for over a year and a half.  After people in my oily community have purchased their Premium Starter Kit that comes with a diffuser, they always want more.  I suggest this diffuser – always!  

It is perfect for the family room or on your beside table.  The output is full and effective – just what you need.

What other fun finds do you have to share?  This mom would love to hear