Summer Planning Made Simple



I hope everyone had a great weekend, and especially a wonderful Mother’s Day.  I spent the weekend watching baseball – one of my favorite activities.  I watched my five year olds t-ball game, my older son’s game where he coaches a team of thirteen year olds and then went to the Mariner’s game on Sunday.


Today I wanted to share many of the past resources that I have here on the blog.

My most popular is the Summer Survival Calendar which I shared about last week, but after that is a very thorough post filled with all types of topics related to summer.

30-days-summer-moms-go-to guide

You can find it HERE – with posts about water safety, hiking tips, summer activities, safer sunscreen and more.  Just a click away!


The Four F’s of Summer Parenting – quick and easy strategies to keep your parenting game on during the summer – all while having fun too!


And finally, a Successful Summer Planning Webinar, with tips to make your summer more manageable!

I hope this helps get your summer off to a great start.