Learning to Live Well


The Fringe Hours - finding balance

Wow, it has been a quick four weeks – or was it just me?

Seems like this book was packed full of practical advice and steps for us to begin using those Fringe Hours and care for our needs.

I feel a bit of a failure, as I truly haven’t been able to make any physical changes to my routine yet….. but I guess it all starts with small whispers, and I can easily see how things need to be re-focused and altered.  It is up to me to just do it.

The last chapter struck me and I wanted to focus on these areas as we close this study.

Do you choose Joy?

I have shared in the past about my struggle with emotional balance – even though things are much better now and I am able to naturally support my mood, I can still find myself sinking into a funk –   I feel like I can easily lack seeing the joy in my life.   I quickly grab an essential oil (Joy being one of my favorites for my mood) and try to refocus and stand back from my situation for a few minutes.  Life gets too rush and things swirl fast, I get caught up and overwhelmed.  

I need a new perspective.

Joy is a choice and I need to remember that.

Will you celebrate your victories?

As we get older I think we lose the ability to celebrate small victories….. as things can come easily for us.  But what would happen if we truly gave ourselves credit for all the little victories, things we don’t see as “big deals” but really can be?

I tend to play down things that could be celebrated in my life….. I hate attention on myself, I am an introvert and love my own space, but I can see where me recognizing the small things could in fact be a very critical part of celebrating my WHOLE self.

So each day I think I will look for the small victory I can celebrate!

Are you thankful?

I can be better at this – and I loved Jessica’s suggestions:

Pray:  Thank God for the blessings he has given you.

Write:  Get a journal and write down what you are thankful for each day.

Send a note:  If you are grateful for someone, let them know.  A card always blesses people.

Acknowledge the gift in your heart:  You don’t have to do anything tangible.  Just mentally acknowledge the gift.

Great points to put into action.

I so appreciate you taking the time to go on this journey through The Fringe Hours with me.  I know that the message of this book will resonate with me for years to come.  I certainly do not have it all together right now, and I am still working on finding MARGIN (my word for 2015) which fits right in with using my Fringe Hours well.  

We all need to live happier, healthier and more balanced lives.  It is a work in progress!

Week Four : The Fringe Hours – Relationships


 Week four a

This week will run a bit different, you have all week to read three chapters as we discuss them on the Facebook page.  I will do a final closing post on Friday – so really take your time and allow this week to fill your heart, energize you and allow the message to sink in.

Being an introvert, I find it hard to be around a lot of people at a time – but I do enjoy doing activities and spending time with smaller groups.  Community – that is what we are truly made for – relationships.  

As a mom who works from mom, does most of her interactions online and has a husband who travels 3-4 days a week, I find myself in a little cocoon.   I find myself alone all week long, so this chapter was encouragement for me to stretch myself and make time to get out and meet up with friends.

I can’t wait to discuss what elements of these chapters truly resonate with you!

“One of the most beautiful qualities of true friendship is to understand to be understood.”  Lucius Annaeus Seneca


Part 4, Live Well

Chapter 11, Cultivating Community

Chapter 12, Finding Rest

Chapter 13, Living Well

(you’ll need to click through to the website to view the video)

Hop over to the Facebook page and join in the discussion.  This is where the majority of the community will happen, although you are certainly welcome to comment here on the blog too!


The Fringe Hours Manifesto as a beautiful printable – what better way to remember what you are reading and trying to change in your life?  Click the link and download a copy right away. It will be an on-going source of encouragement and inspiration to help you pursue the kind of time for yourself that energizes your heart, soul and spirit.

Week Three : The Fringe Hours – Overcoming Obstacles


Week three bI have never been one that finds it easy to ask for help, just ask my husband.  It’s like pulling teeth!  For me to stop and open my mouth to physically ask for help  is almost seriously impossible for me.  I am sure there are some big reasons as to why – but it has created problems for me.

I have to get better in this area.

One thing I’ve learned over the years is that I waste time when I have to focus my brain on tasks that need done.  That is why I love things like the Weekly Household Planner, which spell tasks out and I can decide whether I want to do them or not.  However, I do not waste time trying to figure out what needs to be done each week.  Relief!

I also know that asking my family for help would relieve me of many stressful tasks and I know they would be wiling to help too, but I have an underlying issue that is spelled…. C-O-N-T-R-O-L.  Yep, I like to be in control.

In this chapter there are some great tips to focus on and remember as we head into our days with long lists.  The work of many will help ease the tasks of just one person.  When a family can share in the work, it makes it better for all.

Several years ago I relinquished to hiring a housecleaner.  Yes, the one who faithfully puts out a cleaning schedule has a housecleaner!!  But you know, it was an area that I had to give up and allow someone else to help with so that my strengths and passions could be used elsewhere (on this blog and mentoring others with Young Living.)  It was pivotal in my business and family life.

I still do many of the home keeping activities, but it is a relief to know that I can be reaching out to another mom on a phone call and or writing a blog post rather than mop my floor.  God has gifted me, just like he has you and during this season, He has blessed me with a housecleaner so I can be used in different ways.

“You can’t do everything, so don’t fall into the trap of trying.  Instead, find the moments in each aspect of your life that invigorate you, and imbalance your life toward those.”  –  Marcus Buckingham


Chapter 9, Embracing Help

Chapter 10, Overcoming Obstacles


(you’ll need to click through to the website to view the video)


Hop over to the Facebook page and join in the discussion.  This is where the majority of the community will happen, although you are certainly welcome to comment here on the blog too!


Here is a blog post I wrote about Delegating – I think I need to go back and read what I wrote before!! 

Week Three : The Fringe Hours – Prioritizing


Week 3 a Time, that magic word…. we either love it or find it haunting us.  We either feel we have enough or are lacking a lot. 

“One always has time enough, if one will apply it well.”   Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Ouch, I don’t think I really like that quote, only because I think it rings true.  I do waste a lot of time on unproductive things, which could in turn be used on good things – like self-care for me!  I find the issue of breaking bad habits hard, how about you?

I really loved this first section of the chapter as well….. it resonated with me immensely. 

“The prioritization of our passions benefits us in every way – internally (spiritually, mentally, and emotionally) and externally (in our relationships with other people and how we interact with them).  We are more fulfilled, which leads to greater joy and peace.”


Part 3, Maximize

Chapter 7, Prioritizing Your Activities

Chapter 8, Using Your Time Efficiently


(you’ll need to click through to the website to view the video)


Hop over to the Facebook page and join in the discussion.  This is where the majority of the community will happen, although you are certainly welcome to comment here on the blog too!

Week One – The Fringe Hours – Letting Go

We are reading the next two chapters, which cover our Self-Imposed Pressures and Eliminating Guilt and Comparison.  Boy, I need help with these areas!

I tend to place completely unrealistic expectations on myself, and often towards others too.  Then when I do not meet those expectations I carry guilt and condemnation like it is a trophy.  So much emotional stuff tied to this area.  As Jessica says, “Guilt is wreaking havoc on women’s lives and preventing them from taking care of themselves.”

I so agree, and I am one of those.  With a husband that travels out of town 3-4 days a week I feel guilty to take time away from if I were to do something on my own when he is in town.  So unless I really find a way to use my Fringe Hours – I am left empty again.

“The first step in eliminating feelings of guilt for investing in yourself is to give yourself permission.”    

That is my prayer – to allow myself permission to use time for things I enjoy and not be focused solely on my to-do list.  But today, as I write this post, my expectation for the day didn’t go as planned.  My great plan, was flipped upside down, as most mom’s can totally identify with.  I just spent the last 5 hours on a project that was not in my plan, thus taking away any white space I had in my day to enjoy time for me.  

That happens and tomorrow is a new day, thank goodness!


Chapter 2, Letting Go of Self-Imposed Pressures

Chapter 3, Eliminating Guilt and Comparison


I look forward to the conversation in the Private Facebook page over the next few days discussing these two chapters.  I know as we share, we are able to help each other overcome!