5 Chores for Toddlers


5 Chores for Toddlers

We talked about chores and the school age child last week, so today I wanted to back it up a bit and talk about how to get your toddler involved in the daily tasks of home care.

When toddlers see Mom and Dad working around the house, they are often eager to help. They love to try to do the same things their parents are doing. Although it may take longer to get the chores done when trying to teach a toddler how to do them, it can help them learn to enjoy housework and develop good habits that will be an asset later on.

The most important thing to remember when selecting chores for toddlers is to keep it simple. Very young children do not have the cognitive or motor skills to take on complicated tasks. But there are some things they can do that, after some practice, will be helpful to you.

Picking Up Toys

Getting your toddler to pick up after himself can be a great help. But it’s usually too much to expect him to put everything in its exact place. A better approach would be to provide a laundry basket or large box for him to simply throw all of his stuff into. Then you can take it to his room and put it where it belongs.

Refilling Toilet Paper

This is one of those tasks that can easily get forgotten, until you are the one sitting on the – ahem – toilet and find no more toilet paper under the sink. I have this task listed each week on The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner, so why not allow your toddler to do it? Delegate it to him and you will never be without toilet paper again!

Watering Plants

Small children usually can’t resist the opportunity to water plants. This is another task that could get messy, so make sure your plants aren’t sitting on or near anything that could be easily damaged by water. It’s also smart to make sure they don’t fill the watering can over half full. This will help prevent spilling the water in transit.

Cleaning the Floors 

It may seem like an adults-only task, but floor cleaning is something that kids often enjoy. The trick is to let them use tools that they can easily manage. Cordless floor sweepers are ideal for this purpose. There are also small, working vacuum cleaners and brooms available in the toy departments of most stores. While it might be too ambitious to expect a child to sweep all of the dirt into a neat pile, he can help get the dirt out of the corners while you go behind him and sweep it all together.

Empty Trash Cans

The kitchen trash can might be a bit too big, however bathroom and bedroom trash cans are a great place for toddlers to start. You can give them a larger empty trash bag to empty cans into and then help them take it out to the large trash can outside.  

Getting your child to help with chores will help him develop a sense of responsibility. And that is something that you will be thankful for when he is older and can do more substantial housework.

5 Chores for School Age Kids


5 Chores for School Age Kids

 Start children off on the way they should go, 

    and even when they are old they will not turn from it.

        Proverbs 22:6  NIV

It’s our job as parents to help our children learn life skills. In fact, it’s imperative. In recent weeks I have stumbled into situations where there are many school age children who are unequipped and are not learning adequate life skills.  

One of the ways we can help our children mature and gain confidence is to allow them to help around the house with daily tasks. To be most effective this actually starts in the preschool years with simple jobs, but can be expanded as a child grows and gains experience. Starting chores young makes it much easier to get them to do more substantial housework as they become capable.

You might be surprised at the chores a school age child can handle. If you can find tasks that they both enjoy and can do easily, it will make chore time much easier. Here are some good chores for young school age kids:

Setting and Clearing the Table 

Kids are often eager to help at mealtime. Setting the table is a simple but important task that they can perform. You can make it easier by using placemats that have outlines of where the plate and utensils go. We have used this Melissa & Doug set and it has been very helpful. After the family eats, your child can help clear the table and even learn to put leftovers away.

Folding and Putting Away the Laundry

The laundry can be quite a chore. Enlisting the help of the kids to get it folded and put away can be a huge help to a busy mom. It’s usually unrealistic to expect a young school age child to fold an entire load of laundry on her own, but she could fold her own clothes and put them away. We have a simple set up in our laundry room with baskets for each child, which is helpful. She may not fold them as well as you or put them exactly where they belong, but there’s no need to make a big issue out of it. The important thing is that she is trying.


This is a very simple task that kids usually enjoy. Give your child a duster or a sock to wear on her hand and let her have a blast. If you’re worried about breakable items, move them all to a safe place before she begins.  

Help with the Dishes

The dishes may go more slowly when you have a child helping, but things will get better once she has helped a few times and gotten the hang of it. If you have a dishwasher, your school age child can help with the loading and unloading. If you wash by hand, she could rinse and dry the dishes. Storing them in low cabinets will allow your child to put them up herself as well.

Pet Care

Kids usually prefer playing with their furry friends to assisting in their care, but having your child help with pet care is a great way to build her sense of responsibility. You could start small, having your child give the pet food and water. Once that is mastered, she could clean cages or litter boxes, and perhaps help with grooming if the pet is gentle and even-tempered enough.

If you need more ideas, be sure to check the different daily tasks in The Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner. You can easily delegate tasks there for different children by coloring coding the items!

No More Perfect Moms Week Eight


Main-No-More-Perfect-MomsLadies, I cannot even tell you how full my spirit is as I write this – I just finished attending the Hearts at Home Conference and am amazed.  I was invited by Jill to come attend and was all set to learn some things I could share with you about motherhood, parenting and how much what we do each day really matters…..which I did learn a lot about.  But, God spoke to me – personally to me, whispering some things in my ear that I really didn’t want to hear, but needed to hear.  

I have been in a rough season of motherhood, and I have shared that with you, some bits and pieces…..but it is time for me to truly step up to the plate, kick of the spirit of being bitter and discontent and push ahead with a different attitude.

In my morning devotional time, I had this verse explode out of the page at me,

I have strength for all things in Christ who empowers me (I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me;  I am self-sufficient in Christ’s sufficiency)   Philippians 4:13  AMP

This verse changes things for me and I pray you can grasp hold of it and push ahead, no matter what you are struggling with right now.  I know for many – we have a lot of our plate to shuffle and manage.  I am thankful for those who have shared on the Facebook page where you are struggling so you can be lifted in prayer – ladies, He has got this for you!  Allow Him to lead you through, allow Him to strengthen you – you don’t have to do it all on your own!

I will hopefully share a bit more later this week about the conference as I get caught up, but if there is anyway you can make plans to attend the Hearts at Home conference next year, March 13 & 14, 2015 – please do so.   I have it on my calendar already!!

Here is the agenda for this week:

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Week 8:  March 17 – 21 , 2014

Monday – watch the video, download the discussion questions for WEEK EIGHT – there are TWO, Chapter 8 & Chapter 9 

Tuesday – come prepared by having read Chapter Eight, join the conversation

Wednesday – check in over at Facebook for a few questions 

Thursday – come prepared by having read Chapter Nine, join the conversation, begin reading Chapter Ten

Do you struggle with a ‘satisfactory’ level of clean in your home?  Do you feel you are always behind, or are you just having unrealistic expectations?

What spoke to you in the video?  Wasn’t it fun to see Jill’s home?  I am not sure I would be fine with having a video of my home, so perhaps that is something I need to work on.  I appreciate her genuine and open spirit – she brings the ‘real’ to the table and it is so refreshing.

If you have not already grabbed a copy of my FREE weekly Household Planner, I highly suggest you do – try a few weeks out and see if it helps you put perspective into your home care routine. 

Please share in the comments and hop over to the Facebook page.  

Weekly Household Quick Tip


This week’s task for Thursday in the Weekly Household Planner

Quick clean bath tubs & showers

So I have to admit, I usually only end up cleaning one of our showers when the task is a “quick clean”.  The other shower in our home doesn’t get used quite as often since our kids float in and out of the house since we are a blended family.

But as the saying goes, if you do a little more often it will usually end up taking you less time.  This is certainly true for those pesky showers and tubs.  Instead of waiting for the ‘ick’ to stick everywhere, especially on those glass shower doors, I find it is easy to give a quick clean each week to keep that film to a minimum.


I keep a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser (I love this pack of Magic Erasers from amazon, a great price, free shipping and you get a variety!)  in my shower caddy so when I am hoping in the shower I can quickly wipe down tile and shower doors before I get out.  Sometimes I will even do a quick spray of the interior with my favorite shower cleaner too, Bright Green Bathroom Cleaner. 


I find this at Safeway and I love the fresh clean scent, plus it strips soap scum build-up in a jiffy!

If you have another shower/tub in your home and you want to delegate someone else to do this quick clean – that sounds like a great idea!  Remember, delegating is a mom’s best friend.


Do you have a favorite product for cleaning tubs & showers?

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Weekly Household Quick Tip


This week’s task for Friday in the Weekly Household Planner

Dust kitchen light fixtures

When was the last time you dusted off that light fixture above the kitchen table?  Maybe if you are “super-star Martha-mom” it was last week, but more likely it is one of those tasks that gets forgotten.

I’ve heard from so many of you about those pesky tasks that often get overlooked but are now scattered throughout the weeks in the household planner.  It is my plan to get things a bit more under control for you!!

After you’ve cleaned the microwave and dishwasher door, just take that rag and wipe down the light fixture over your table and any that light up your kitchen counters.  When you get in the habit of doing this as a task it will become very easy.  The first time you do this, if it is anything like what I had – you may have an accumulation of dust that really requires a bit of elbow grease to get it clean, but after that point you are off to simple dusting/wiping down.

It is amazing, when you do a little…..often…..it really takes up less time than procrastinating and having to do a lot…..less often.

What tasks do you do often that end up saving time in the long run?

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