Your 2015 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner


Congratulations on taking the first steps to getting more organized for 2015!

Here is the page where your downloads may be found:

It is a private page and you will need to use this password:  busymom

Make sure you are opening all the link below using Adobe Reader – not a PDF preview application on your computer…..if you see a blank file when opening the “planner with text” then you are needing to make sure your using Adobe. In addition, you likely will not be able to print the text version from your iPad – you will need to access a computer to do that, as well as do customization of the planner.


Please make sure you are opening the files using ADOBE – if you are using another type of PDF previewer on your computer the planner with TEXT file will be blank. You will also be unable to edit the files using a previewer. You have to have Adobe.

Trouble downloading BLANK file or editing the files?

Others have had this trouble, here is also how to solve: If you get an error message from Adobe  saying The file is damaged and could not be opened, or Expected a dict. object, or your browser hangs and the PDF does not open:

In Adobe  disable the fast view, and Display PDF in browser options.

1. Close your browser.
2. Open Adobe Reader.
3. Go to the Edit menu and select Preferences
4. In the left column select Internet
5. Uncheck Allow fast web view
6. Uncheck Display PDF in browser
7. Click OK, and try again

The PDFs will display in a separate window rather than in your browser window.

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I hope the 2015 Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner helps you keep a home that is tidy, peaceful and keeps your stress level down.

If you have any problems, I am here to help. Please email me and I will try to help remedy any issue you are having with the files as soon as I can.

Many Blessings,