The Big Secret {Day Thirty-One}


Day Thirty-One: 31 Days to Becoming a Frugalista – Live Well While Spending Less

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This series will soon be available as an ebook – watch for it and get all the great tips, secrets and ways you can DREAM big too!

Are you good at keeping secrets?  I guess I would have to say that I am, because I’ve had a secret I’ve been keeping to myself for quite a few months and have been waiting to share it with you all.  I know you will want to celebrate with me, but I had to create the right atmosphere to share it in.

Dream Big

You see, the 31 Day series was about finding ways to save money, learning to live well by spending less than we need to.  Some of us need to learn to spend less because we just don’t have it to spend.  Others want to learn to spend less in order to create more to share with others, plan for a vacation or dream for something even bigger than that.

Well, we {my hubby and I} have fallen into all of those categories at different times in our lives.  We’ve needed to cut back to make ends meet, we’ve saved for special family trips and we’ve had dreams and goals to place in front of us as a target and incentive to cut back and be smart with what God has given us.

I stated earlier in the series about creating a budget, that it is often easier to cut back on expenses when you have a goal in mind.  It can be a large goal or a small one, but a special ‘spark’ in your heart you can be reminded of every time you sacrifice and make a choice not to spend.  We’ll we’ve had a BIG goal in mind for several years.

I am a true Pacific Northwest girl and I love the ocean.  The cloudy days are just fine for me and the sound of the waves crashing the beach is soothing to my soul.  It is sweet refreshment for me.  Five years ago this very month my husband and I visited a cute community out on the Washington coast, Seabrook and I fell in love.  I knew that I wanted to own a little slice of heaven in this heartwarming community and began searching and praying for ways to make it happen.

I began to coupon like nothing else, saving bits of money.  My hubby and I set up a pretty strict and confining budget in order to save, but it was okay, because I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.  To do without in order to find a way to fulfill a dream was good.  It was hard and often I didn’t quite understand if it was worth it.  We were thrown a lot of frustrating curve balls during the past few years, and I often felt that things would fall apart.  I didn’t understand if we would ever get to the point to see our dream come to fruition.  I am sure you can relate, we’ve all had rough spots, challenges and feelings of defeat.


We’ve been obedient to things that God has asked, even when we didn’t see the plan or understand.  We are living day to day amidst circumstances that we could never had dreamed we would be, but we are doing it all for His Glory.  He knows our hearts……He knows our desires.

Mama’s I happy to share with you all that because of so many twists and turns and His incredible grace, we are building that little slice of heaven out in that wonderful community we fell in love with 5 years ago.  I wish I could take you step by step through how God orchestrated this amazing feat, it was easy to see His hand everywhere along the way – from the timing of a particular lot for sale, to funds turning up just in time, so all the little tid bits that have had us exclaiming in near unbelief.

His Grace

Seabrook HouseIt is small {the bottom floor is a garage, it may look big, but it is not!)  but it has the most incredible view, where I can wake every morning to stand in awe of His creation, His unfailing love and His grace and redemption.  I cannot tell you how my heart is filled to overflowing, not just because of the house, but of those I’ve met along the way, the trust we’ve had to put in God and His plan and all of you who’ve allowed me in your life.  You see, it would not have been possible without this little place called, The Confident Mom.




Seabrook View

Yes, the saving was all great, and we couldn’t have done this without it, but we needed a bit more.  My desire to help moms has blessed my life so much, but the fact that God has blessed me in such a way to allow me to have an income doing what I love to do is almost unbelievable.  I cannot thank you all enough.  I wish I could have each and every one of you come for a weekend and celebrate with me.  We will be using this little ‘nest’ to refresh our family, but it will also be a place to bless other families with as well and that is even more exciting.  I can’t wait.

So I ask you this…..what is your goal, your dream?  Have you let it slip or do you feel you don’t have time to think about it?  I encourage you today to sit down and ask God to give you inspiration to dream, to think of the impossible.   I never thought I would be writing here and sharing with you all that we were able to have the ability to purchase this little get-away haven – if I never have had true understanding of how God works and blesses us, I certainly do now.

I feel like the luckiest daughter in the world!  


What is your dream and how can you begin making small steps toward it?


Photo Credit -MSGS Architects



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  • Jennifer C.

    Thank you so much for your encouragement & for sharing this exciting news. It was the motivation I needed this morning as I was writing out my shopping list & feeling frustrated with our current financial situation. I know that God is so good & faithful to us and I love to hear testimonies to that fact! Congratulations!!

  • I pray the Lord blesses you when you are in this season of stretching, learning to do well with what you have and find JOY!~ It is hard – I do know that, sometimes feeling so impossible. Remember, even in the midst of our failures and attitudes, HE is so good and HE knows our desires! Go out strong and save like crazy!!!

  • Dawn D.

    I’m so excited for you. I know how much you love Seabrook. You are amazing, ans God has blessed us by putting you in our lives!

  • Maggie

    Susan, you have just inspired me to stop waiting for things to happen and to work at making them happen myself. Thank you!

  • HOORAY!!! God has given us the smarts and determination, sometimes I think we end up playing it easy. Step out in faith for believing in something that you can grab hold of!!! You go Maggie!!

  • You make me smile Dawn – I am the lucky one to be surrounded by so many wonderful moms who love serving their family and can encourage each other! When one of us is up, we inspire each other, when one is down, we lift her up!!

  • Julie

    What a sweet and precious blessing for you and your family! Thank you for sharing your joy!

  • Wow! That is so exciting! What an encouraging story of what can happen when we allow ourselves to dream, commit those dreams to the Lord, and then move forward.

    We live on the east side of the state. I’ll be watching for a possible future mention of your little nest being available for rent. 🙂

  • Natalie Chandler

    Susan!!! I’m so incredibly happy for you! Congratulations! Well done. You deserve it. Relax and enjoy! Hugs! Natalie Chandler

  • Meredith

    It is so exciting to hear about how your saving has paid off! We are currently saving for our 3-6 month emergency fund and putting a bit extra aside in hopes of being able to visit our sponsored children in Haiti sometime in the next year. We are praying for God to give us wisdom regarding when this can happen, since we recently “adopted” an 18 and 20 year old into our family who were previously homeless. It’s an amazing journey, and I’m excited to see how it unfolds! Thank you for your continual encouragement and resources! Our new adult children (funny to say, since they are only 8 years younger than us, but require so much parenting and guidance) are already learning to use the weekly household planner to help keep things neat and in order 🙂

  • Oh, thank you for sharing your little bit of life – adopting older kids is a big undertaking, thank you for providing a home for these two! I pray you have a wonderful story to share on how God was faithful to your obedience too!

  • Corrie

    Wow! This post brought tears to my eyes! I’m a stay at home mom with a mountain of credit card debt and school loans that I am just beginning the journey of paying off! You gave me a glimmer of hope and I’m grateful for that! It sometimes feels too hard to dream when your in the midst of the chaos of being a mom but nothing is impossible with God! I just started a blog and am wading through it as I am NOT computer savvy but I would love if you wanted to come visit it 🙂 its praise God for your good stewardship and enjoy that little slice of heaven!

  • Corrie

    Sorry… I spelled it wrong… …like I said I’m not savvy at all 🙂

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