MY Favorite Things


I cannot tell you how many messages I get from readers asking my opinion and ideas to help make life a little easier. Over the years as a busy mom, I have certainly found things to make life easier and less stressful—as well as healthier for my family. I wanted to consolidate it all in one place to make it easy for you all too. Because easy is life-giving, friends. The less time you waste on finding information, the more time you have for the things that truly matter.

I hope you find this list helpful, and know…I would never recommend something that I have not personally used and fallen in love with. I share these links with integrity and authenticity, one mom to another.

Susans Favorite Things02
These are some of my most favorite things.
Amazon 700px


One stop for all the things I love and enjoy grabbing from Amazon. From my new Nespresso coffee maker, which I am totally in love with, to books, RV supplies, and things for your home, this is the place to find it.

I will continually add things to this list as I find new treasures. But remember, I am a minimalist at heart, especially now in our Airstream, so if something makes this list, you know it’s a keeper!

Daily Harvest 700px


Do you love an easy button to healthy eating? This is it!!!! I have been a fan of Daily Harvest for over 4 ½ years. I love choosing from ready-to-blend smoothies, savory Harvest Bowls, hearty soups, and more and have them delivered right to my door! It’s easy to make fruits and vegetables a part of your routine with Daily Harvest. Over eighty chef-crafted options. Built on fruits and vegetables. Free shipping, always. Options for any diet. Ready in minutes. Can it be any easier?

Even as we travel the U.S. in our Airstream, I find locations to get deliveries. 

When you use my referral link you’ll get $25 off your first box!

Green Chef 700px


Be still my heart! This made my dinner preparation a delight!!!! I have tried several box dinner services over the years, and this one is by far the best. The quality of the food was superb! Customer service was out of this world, and the menu choices are incredible. You can choose from gluten free, plant based, keto, paleo, and more for your menu options. I have been using Green Chef for over four years and I am still a fan!

When you use my referral link, you will get an incredible deal on your first box!

THRIVE MARKETThrive Market 700px

Healthy living made easy…do you get a theme here? Anything that makes my life easier is a good thing. I desire to eat healthy, but if it takes hours and hours to prepare and shop, I am not going to be in for the long game. That is why Thrive Market is a game changer. I can easily get healthy options delivered right to my door at great savings. And I love that I can watch for specials where they offer free items when you order. I am all about being frugal. You can order when you like, no commitment at all. However, they do offer an amazing subscription service so you don’t forget to keep things in stock!

Use my referral link and you will get 25% off your first order.

Stitch Fix 700pxSTITCH FIX

When I tell you that Stitch Fix is my BFF, I am not kidding. I have used Stitch Fix since 2013! I was one of the first to jump on this amazing bandwagon. I hate shopping—like loath—going to the mall. However, I truly do want to look stylish and not all yoga pants and Ts every day. When I tell you that Stitch Fix will get you out of a funk with your clothes, I am telling you the straight on truth! I love that I am sent things to try that I would never had even considered purchasing, but once I try it on (in the privacy of my own home), I see that something really does work! I will tell you, the only jeans I own are from Stitch Fix. They have a way of knowing styles and fits that just get me.

When you use my referral link, you’ll get $25, which makes it even sweeter!