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Interested in ordering Young Living essential oils? It’s really easy to order from Young Living. Just add the products you want to your shopping cart, and check out. You can shop directly at (just be sure to use my member number 1403829 as the enroller/sponsor) or use one of the links below to shop, and I’ll get the credit (thank you!) and you’ll get access to all of my resources too!

Unlock the 24% off discount

There are two ways you can unlock the 24% off discount:

  1. Spend 100 PV on any products (each item has PV and you’ll see that when you shop).
  2. Add products on Subscribe to Save (the Monthly Wellness Box autoship program where you can have items you pick delivered to you at one-, two-, and three-month intervals) for any amount. You can change your Subscribe to Save products at any time too.

Once you’ve unlocked the 24% off savings you’ll be able to enjoy the discount on future orders too! If you spend 100 PV, you’ll have the discount for 12 months. If you get on Subscribe to Save (STS), you’ll have the discount as long as you’re on the autoship program (that could even be a just a bottle of Lemon oil on STS every three months.

You don’t have to do both to unlock the 24% discount. Just pick one—though I do recommend Subscribe to Save because you earn points on your order if you spend over 50 PV. Keep reading…

*If you live outside the U.S., there are different ordering options but they are very similar. Just reach out and I’d be happy to help.

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When I received my Starter Kit over seven years ago and opened the Young Living Lavender and compared it to a few of the other brands I had been using from Amazon, I was shocked. It was clear that I had something very different in my hands. Once I began using it both in my diffuser and topically, everything changed!

Our journey of incorporating Young Living into our home over the past seven years has been incredible. I’ve shared with you all about my desire to help support my emotional well-being, provide support for my immune system, helping my body be restored and overcome Lupus and supporting my mommy brain!

If you have any questions, I am here to help! Email me at anytime.

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Our community of over 7,000 is an amazing collaborative resource. We teach monthly classes, share education and recipes, and walk alongside you. There is opportunity to join our mentorships, connect with others, and so much more!

I love Young Living’s Seed to Seal® process which means I can feel 100% confident about the quality of oils I use. I’ve had the amazing privilege of visiting several of Young Living’s farms—St. Maries’ farm in Idaho, the Mona, Utah farm, our Ecuador farm, and the Sandalwood farm in Hawaii. I have witnessed the entire Seed to Seal process right before my very eyes—and participated in it! Unforgettable!


The Premium Starter Kit (PSK) is STILL the best way to get started. You are taking the first step in the right direction, and this kit will replace so many products that you currently use with safer, healthier options. You will get:

  • 12 Everyday Essential Oils
  • Diffuser of Your Choice (my favorite is the Desert Mist)
  • Thieves Spray and NingXia Samples
  • Lifetime Wholesale Membership (24% discount!)
  • No Annual Fees or Commitments
  • Access to Our Exclusive Community
You love what you see but have a few questions
Why choose these oils and not cheap ones from the grocery store (or Costco, Home Depot, or ???)?

Quality regulations do not exist regarding essential oils yet. Companies can put any filler or additive into what they call an “essential oil.” Most of what you find at the grocery store contains additional ingredients or has fillers in it. YIKES!!! Young Living is the leader for over 25 years in the essential oils movement—with Young Living’s “Seed to Seal” standards you KNOW that you and your family members are using the highest quality product without ANY dilution or chemical additives—yes please! I trust this company!

Is there an order minimum?

No. You can order anything you want at any price. If you want to unlock the 24% off discount, you just need to either spend 100 PV or more on your first order or add any product for any amount on Subscribe to Save (the autoship program) at either one-, two-, or three-month intervals. For example, you could buy just a bottle of Lavender oil and put it on Subscribe to Save for every three months to unlock the 24% off discount. You could buy additional products and still get that 24% off discount as long as you are on Subscribe to Save. If you spend 100 PV, you’ll unlock the 24% off discount for 12 months.

What is Subscribe to Save?

Subscribe to Save (formerly known as Essential Rewards) is an optional autoship program. You can unlock the 24% off discount when you get on Subscribe to Save (STS). You’ll have the option to choose any products you want to auto ship at one-, two-, or three-month intervals. You can also remove or add items and change the intervals you want to receive them. When you spend at least 50 PV on Subscribe to Save, you can earn 10% back on your order. If you decide to stay on STS monthly, you’ll earn up to 25% back in points. Subscribe to Save is optional but it’s a great way to earn back points, which are used like cash to get pretty much anything from Young Living for free. Subscribe to Save is a great way to make the switch to natural products over time. For instance, you could ditch household cleaners one month and opt for Thieves Household Cleaner, then the next month switch out bath and body products, then the month after that supplements.

I don’t really want to sell essential oils. Do I have to sell Young Living products to get the 24% off discount?

Absolutely not. You don’t ever have to sell or do the business. It’s an option if you like, but not a requirement. Since there is no monthly order requirement you can simply just order whenever you and your family need it.

Is there a referral program?

Yes! While it’s not a requirement at all to sell or do the business, it’s an option. When you place your first order, you’ll create an account and will be given a referral link you can use to share with family and friends. You can earn 25% on their orders for the first three months, and then 4-8% after that + qualify for other bonuses and commissions. The only thing you need to do is get a Business Essentials Kit for $29.95, which comes with all the resources you need to start sharing. And of course, I will help you along the way with other great resources and mentoring!

Here are my favorite three ways to get started
Thieves Bundle
Thieves Home Bundle – $125
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Premium Starter Kit – $165
Custom Order
Create Your Own Custom Order