Success Stories

“Your support allowed me to stop second-guessing myself”

In Oct 2008, I found myself and my baby in a very disadvantaged, depressing and brewing domestic violence situation with my ex-boyfriend and I was so glad you were there to provide me the much needed support and reassurance that I was going the right direction.

Success Story Image1Your support allowed me to stop second-guessing myself in doing the right thing for myself and my baby and you gave me encouragement and resources that empowered me with confidence, hope, and optimism to take the difficult steps that I was about the take to better myself and my family.

The session summaries were also very helpful in giving me a healthy perspective in what situation/dilemma I was in, what next tasks I needed to tackle and what next goals I needed to set in order to live a happier and healthier life. These summaries help me to reaffirm that I’ve been doing the right thing and keep me motivated in continuing my path.

Susan Heid’s positive attitude, creative thinking, empathy and experience with relationships and family blending is also very valuable which adds depth to the services that you provide.

I appreciate that you took the time to get to know me, my situation, my strengths and weaknesses. I can see your skills and enthusiasm will continue to help many other parents to stop struggling to survive difficult family situations and start striving on these challenges and becoming stronger and better parents.

Thank you again for all your help and encouragement. You will always be a special friend to me and baby Myra.

—May Lee
Single mom of one
Seattle, Washington

“I Gained Confidence in Myself”

I believe that I gained a confidence in myself that I didn’t allow myself before coaching with Susan Heid at The Confident Mom. I even have found that yelling/being a screaming parent doesn’t have to be my choice, even though it was my example. I really looked forward to our weekly phone calls; hearing your positive feedback was so helpful and I loved that you never judged me. Susan, you are truly a gift to your profession. Thank you for taking your time with me, for not being judgmental and always asking the questions that needed to be asked, even if I might not have wanted to hear them. I am so blessed to have you as a parent coach!

—Dawn Dietz
Mom of four
Mount Vernon, Washington

“I have become a bit more patient”

The positive encouragement that I received from Susan Heid and her suggestions were not presented as mandatory, but as possibilities. It was nice to have someone respond with compassion and not judgment with regard to my son’s unique behaviors. I began to see my son’s behaviors as areas that we can work on together, not just something that he or I had to fix independently – teamwork! I have become a bit more patient with my children and take their perspectives into account more.
—Jessica Callagan
Homemaker, student, and mother of two
Marysville, Washington

“I felt encouraged, strengthened, and prepared”

My experience with Susan Heid helped me navigate through a tough transition with my middle-school girls. Susan coached me through relational problems I had with my husband and two daughters. At first, I felt overwhelmed and out of control. By the end of Susan’s coaching program, I felt encouraged, strengthened, and prepared to face new challenges while raising my pre-teen and teenage girls. I highly recommend The Confident Mom coaching to any parent who is venturing into new territory.
—Stephanie Southwick
Homemaker and parent to two daughters
Everett, Washington

“a genuine and positive experience”

Susan Heid has such a great way about her. Somehow she managed to draw out things that had been bothering me that I hadn’t even realized. It was easy to open up in a non-judgmental, supportive atmosphere and she had really practical and thoughtful suggestions. I would highly recommend her as a parent or family coach for anyone who is interested in a genuine and positive experience!
—Michelle Neupauer
Mom of three
Bellmawr, New Jersey

“I Found My Confidence”

When I started working with Susan Heid I was very unsure of myself. Our family was in a big transitional phase and I was second guessing my parenting ability. Knowing there was someone out there who was committed to helping me find my way was such a relief. Susan was an unbiased non-family member so I could trust the suggestions weren’t just what everyone thought I wanted to hear. I found my confidence throughout the process, feel more balanced and thoughtful in my parenting.

—Karen Cooksey
Homemaker and parent of one
Mountlake, Terrace Washington

“Susan Is a Keeper”

As the coordinator of the parent ministry, Parents Encourage Parents, I have had the opportunity to talk with several of the clients Susan Heid has worked with. They ALL have sung her praises, but the one which stands out the most is. . .”FINALLY, someone has told me how to do what I’ve wanted to do in my parenting and has held me accountable to meet the goals I’ve set for myself in a loving and affirming way.”

On a personal note, I’ve been impressed with the character Susan displays in her daily life. When encountering difficult circumstances, she digs deep within her to remain positive and approaches the challenge with a ‘reality’ determination that goes far in accomplishing whatever she has set out to do. I love her honesty and the realness she shows to those around her. Susan is a “keeper”!

—Dianna Frey
Parents Encourage Parents Coordinator
Everett, Washington

The Importance of marriage partners

Hi Susan, I am so glad to hear that you are placing such an important priority on your relationship with your husband. What a blessing for your children to see what love looks like!

I raised my children to know that God came first, their daddy came next, and then them. Not because I didn’t love them but because I loved them enough to teach them what I believed God had as a priority.

Success Story Image2Some people have said that that is regulating the children to the end of the list but I explained it this way: Their father and I were a unit because we chose to be together. The children were added to that unit and those children needed to learn what a healthy, happy, committed marriage looked like.

Someday those children would grow up to have relationships of their own—when that time came I still wanted to have a healthy, happy relationship with the man I married.

It was crucial to me that we remained best friends, confidants, lovers so that when the children left home we would still like each other. Sometimes finances got in the way of going out somewhere on a date but there are many ways to carve out special time with your spouse if you are creative! Time for each other daily as well as planned dates are imperative to keep the sparks alive between you and shows children what to bring to their own future relationships. Of course it goes without saying that private time remains private but the children need to see you put your relationship with each other as a priority.

When they were younger I would have some crafts that they could work on while their dad and I talked about our day in the living room. The children knew that we were there if they needed us but this was our time to talk and it was important that they not interrupt unless it was an emergency. Usually this time together alone would only be about 10 minutes before the dinner prep or whatever took over.

Most couples can find 5 or 10 minutes at the end of their busy work day to connect so as to model this priority to their children. They might be surprised to find that those few minutes will extend to 20 minutes or more once the children realize that this is a part of family life. Children should see parents being affectionate with each other and they should also see parents calmly discuss differences of opinion but that is a topic for another day.

Teaching children about marriage partners being a team is one of the best gifts you can give them. They feel secure knowing that mom and dad are okay and that in turn makes them feel loved and cared for. It also helps to keep your love affair with your spouse alive and that is a very good thing!!

Wishing you and your family a blessed life,