Tackling that Pile of Laundry with Success!


It seems one of the biggest struggles we face as moms and one that usually can overtake us – is laundry!!   How can this seemingly small issue become an encompassing issue that exhausts us, takes up way too much room in our home (can you sit on your sofa, or is it covered with unfolded laundry?) and causes stress like nothing else?

I felt the pain of several friends who shared the struggle they face with this issue.  I am not joking here either or making light of the situation.  I can see the anguish and frustration it causes….. so with that I wanted to share my routine and my favorite things I use in my laundry room in hopes that you can make some changes to your routine to find JOY in doing the laundry. 

You must have a routine

I have a routine and I have stuck with this routine for years – thus I don’t even think about it anymore.  It is a habit.  I do one or two loads of laundry per day. (That is exactly why you will see the tasks  “Start Laundry” and “Fold & Put Away Laundry” on the daily tasks in the Confident Mom Weekly Household Planner!   Yep, no one day mountain of laundry for me.  That would cause me incredible stress and anxiety for sure.


I put a load in the washer, follow it to the dryer when it finishes and then immediately fold it and put it in a basket, either the large basket for my husband and I or one of the baskets with the kids names.  It will then get put away that day by the applicable family member.  By the way, I am super lucky because my hubby will put away our laundry 98% of the time!


I also have an adjustable wall hanging area and an extendable folding drying rack and we have color coded hangars for different family members.  It works like a charm.

A Place for Everything

Organization keeps me happy!  So – to keep the laundry room a place that is enjoyable, I have to have a place for everything.  We have the shelf with baskets, which was a craigslist find I might add and color coded baskets with names on them for the kids.  


I have a drawer under my dryer where I place “give-away” items that are for donation, this makes it super easy to put them in a bag and drop them off – plus they don’t get put away in a drawer and take up space – then truly they need to just be given away.

My Laundry Favorites that make me smile

7th Gen

I am in love with this detergent, Seventh Generation Natural Laundry Detergent Powder, Mandarin and Sandalwood, 50 oz.   I get it through amazon, on my subscribe and save, which means I will never run out and I love the smell.  I even like the compact size of the container too, it fits right in the bottom drawer of my washer, along with another of my favorite items – my Woolzies Wool Dryer Balls.

 I received these for free as part of a review I did over a year ago and I still have them and love them!  They work wonderful for me and I don’t need to use chemically ladened fabric softener sheets.  I often will put a few drops of essential oils on the balls before I toss them in – favorites are Lavender, JOY, or Stress Away!

If you are feeling frustrated with your current laundry system, I encourage you to give this a try.  Set your laundry room up for success – get some baskets, delegate some tasks, use products you feel great about sharing with your family and most of all – tackle a little bit each day.  Take one week and do a load a day 0r two, depending on the size of your family.  Find what works for you.

Oh and yes….. I end up having things on the top of my dryer too – this is the spot for kitchen linens and our cloth napkins (yes we use cloth napkins for every meal, I shared why here), they get folded immediately too and then put away too – but I just stack them until someone delivers them all to the kitchen!


If you have a routine that works for you, please share in the comments.  I know this one is not for everyone, but I know yours might help another mom out!

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