Weekend Reading RoundUp

Well, I am back in the saddle again!  Trying to get back to a regular posting schedule – so finally here are a few posts from around the web that I have been saving just to share with you over the past few weeks.  I especially love the recipe for the chili and may have to make it this week!

Passionate Homemaking::  Stop Serving Your Family & Serve the One

The Generous Wife::  The Blessings Jar

30 Minute Martha::  Easy Birthday Party Etiquette

Food for My Family::  Easy Steak Chili Recipe

An update on my 3 in 30 Challenge – I have met my goals this week, well sort of!

1) Getting up at 5:30 AM – I was up, except for today I slept til 6:15 since little J slept late – hey, he had me up at 5 AM the first day I was only getting up at 5:30, so I think that still counts if we are taking an average!  On some of the mornings it has not been in my control to spend time with God first thing, but when I could I did.  I am caught up on my Bible in 90 Day reading too!

2) I have worked out 5 times this week, counting today – which I haven’t yet, but it is on the agenda!

3) Spend one on one time with each family member outside the house.  CHECK!  BTW, it was really good too!

How did you do this week?

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