This Busy Mom LOVES Stitch Fix

Busy Moms Love Stitch Fix

I shared with you my very first Stitch Fix back nearly a year ago!!  WOW – it doesn’t seem like that long ago, but it was.  When I mentioned again last week on Facebook about me getting a new Stitch Fix box, people began asking, “What is Stitch Fix”.  So came this post, especially after I realized it had been year ago that I had posted.

I have gotten a variety of clothes during the past year, some were great, like one of my favorite tops I wear all the time and is my ‘go-to’ top with jeans or pants.  But there were also items sent back as soon as I saw them, there was no need to even try them on.

I like to share with you practical ways you can save time and money, so when I come across something I find useful I want to share it!  Stitch Fix is one of those things.

How It Works

You go online, create an account, a style profile and then a stylist sends 5 items to you.  You try them on, decide what to keep and return the rest – postage paid!


What I love about Stitch Fix

  • I don’t have to go to the mall – someone else is picking out the clothes for me after reading my style profile I’ve created and sharing my Pinterest board with her.
  • The items arrive at my doorstep – woo hoo!
  • I can try clothes on in the comfort of my own house, even more than once too – for my daughter to give me her opinion as well as my husband or friends.
  • I get a personal note from my stylist, along with sample outfit cards to help me.  I am the person who is very uncreative with styling outfits, so I can venture outside my comfort zone with these little “coaching” cards as I affectionately refer to them as and actually be a bit more creative with ideas on how to interchange pieces with items I may already have.
  • When I share with a friend, like you – I get a styling credit, which means that I can use that credit for my own fixes – which is a SUPER a bonus.  So if you sign up and tell your friends about it, you can get FREE clothes too!

Here is what I got this month


Cute Red Sweater with Butterfly detailing and cute dainty buttons

A blue striped sweater

Pair of Jeans

Chevron Striped Skirt


Super Cute Green and Navy trim dress!

As I tried on the items I had to decide what to keep and what to return, this time I had several favorites.  The dress is totally my style and colors.  I love the jeans, but they fit just a bit too big, which was a real bummer as they were very nice.  The skirt was totally me, as this is my perfect piece for spring and summer – just add a t-shirt and go!  And then the red sweater.  I already had a red sweater, which was really plain – this one was a reasonable price and I loved the butterfly detailing, I wish I could have gotten a close up to show you the detail.

So what did I keep?


The Butterfly Pointelle Cardigan

Green Tank Dress  {LOVE!!}

Chevron Skirt

These are the items I kept and the style cards that came along.  Also, my note from the stylist – which I love.  She mentioned she was able to see what I had kept in past orders and it helped her determine what to send to me this time!  So cool!!  I had forgotten about the denim jacket I had received in a previous FIX, so when she mentioned it in the note with how I could use it with the dress, I was impressed!

For this order, most of my items were within the normal range of what I would expect to pay for nice quality clothing.  These are not Target or Old Navy prices….but not Ann Taylor either.  My dress was $88, the red sweater $38, the skirt was $48.  The jeans were higher priced at $98, so since they did not fit perfectly there was no way I was keeping them!  And the blue striped sweater went back as I did not like the colors and I didn’t need that type of sweater.

Try it Yourself!

So really you have nothing to lose to try the service, but $20.  If you get your fix and you do not like anything and return it all, you pay the $20 styling fee.  If you end up purchasing even one item, the $20 styling fee is deducted from your amount due.  So for example, if I had just kept the red sweater out of this order, I would have only paid an additional $18.

Here is the real bonus – if you get a great box full off lovely items and can’t decide what to return because you love them all, you get a 25% discount if you purchase all the items!!  That makes it even a sweeter deal!

Don’t forget – if you invite your friends using your special link, you also earn credit toward free clothing too – so why not try it out and share?  It has made my life easier with respect to clothing.  I hate the mall, don’t enjoy strolling stores and trying on clothing and quite honestly feel a bit frumpy these days, so when someone else can give me style tips and tell me what to wear – I like that!

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