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I am thrilled to be able to share with you our next online book and Bible study for 2014 – drum roll please……

No More Perfect Moms by Jill Savage

Here is a synopsis of the book from amazon:

Jill Savage in No More Perfect Moms gets honest-all mothers struggle. We fall short of our own standard of excellence, which causes us to feel insecure about being the perfect wife with the perfect kids, perfect husband, perfect home, perfect friends, perfect marriage and perfect body . . .

This Perfection Infection attacks when we compare our insides to others outsides. No More Perfect Moms speaks to the root and reality of the insecurities mothers feel, and it provides The Antidote.

No More Perfect Moms will help a mom:

o   Change her unrealistic expectations to realistic hopes

o   Give grace and love to her husband and children even during struggles, and discover the beauty of grace when she stops judging herself and others

o   Find freedom from disappointment when she embraces her real family, her real challenges, and her real, but imperfect, life

I was so blessed to be on the book launch team nearly a year ago when it was released and it has been on my mind lately when someone else reminded me of it’s wonderful impression on them as a mom.  It is so true.  Jill Savage has such a way to relating to moms in a real and authentic way…..if you have ventured over to the Hearts at Home website, you will see that Jill is a long time supporter and has been in ministry supporting and encouraging moms for many years.

Remember the crazy day a few weeks back when my FREE Weekly Household Planner was shared a ‘bazillion’ times on social media and my system couldn’t handle all the requests??  Well, on that day, Jill had tried downloading it too {I was completely floored and honored, btw!} and she sent me a Facebook message about it.

After I got things straightened out with her getting her planner, I mentioned to her that her book was in the running to be our next study topic.  She was super gracious and excited and offered to help in anyway she can.  {This even amidst her current battle with breast cancer too, listen…..gals, she is amazing!  You can remember her in your prayers as she goes through treatment currently, she posts on her blog and also has a caring bridge account updating her progress}.

She even invited me to be her special guest at the Hearts at Home National Conference in March {even before I had told her we decided on using her book too!}  So the really fun part for me is that I will get to see Jill in March, shortly before our study ends – it will be super fun!  I can’t wait!!

Okay, now onto the study details and the information that you all are waiting to hear.

For those who participated in my very first online book and Bible study, “I Used to Be So Organized” which began in October, you understand what an online study entails.  For those who are new and have never done an online book study, here are the details:

  • The online study is run on the blog here at The Confident Mom – there is nothing you need to do to sign up, other than to make it easier, you may want to sign up for the blog posts to be delivered right to your inbox, but you do not have to do that.
  • It will begin on Monday, January 27th and continue until Friday, March 28th, 2014.
  • On Mondays I will post the weeks reading assignment, there will be  a short video to watch, Tuesday I will discuss the chapter that was assigned, give my perspective as well as give you questions to consider answering on your own.  Wednesday will be primarily a Facebook page discussion, although I will post on the other days as well, but Wednesday will be primarily a day to interact with the content that was read.  Thursdays post will give real life application objectives as well as give you the reading assignment for the following week.
  • There will be on average 20-25 pages of reading per week.
  • There is no cost to participate, but you will really only be able to participate if you purchase your own copy of the book, “No More Perfect Moms” by Jill Savage.
  • Once again for this study, we will have a Private Facebook Page where you will be able to share with other moms who are going through the study and get encouragement as well as interact with other moms who are joining in the journey too.  this is not mandatory, just an option for those who are interested.
  • I will be posting the reading schedule on Thursday, January 23rd – it will have the entire study outlined for you as well as the invitation to join the Facebook Page.

Feel free to share this with any friends who you feel might be interested in joining our journey.  As a bonus, Jill has kindly offered to give away two copies of her book!!  So please leave a comment below to be entered, letting me know someone who has encouraged you lately and what they did or said that was helpful.  

The giveaway will end at midnight on Wednesday, January 15th.  

WINNERS ANNOUNCED!    Beth and Lucy!!!

If you did not win, be sure to grab your own copy of the book, you can get it on amazon kindle for only $7.76 {price on 1/12} and in print for $12.03 new.

I can’t wait to get this study started with you all!

My favorite line from the book says it all, “While we’re pursuing perfection, we’re missing out on the most precious parts of life.”


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