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This past week I had a revelation about my quiet time, or what I thought was my quiet time. I mean, I spend time daily in the word. In fact, it’s typically always the first thing I do each and every morning. This has been a practice of mine for well over ten years, if not longer. 

I have committed to a daily time reading God’s word because I have experienced the fruit of what dedicating that time can reap. I’ve also had the joy of bringing others along with me, most recently with coordinating and leading short devotionals using the YouVersion app. Over the years I have used books, online resources, as well as bible studies to help me in my walk with Christ.

I don’t feel there is a right or wrong way to spend time with God, but last week I really had clarity about something that was missing for me.

What was missing was true QUIET in my time. I was always doing…reading, thinking, but not really sitting with words in actual quiet, not doing something else and allowing God to truly speak to me.

Does that resonate with you?

I was chatting with a friend, and she mentioned that for us moms it can be a really foreign concept to be quiet and sit with no noise. NONE! For many of us, quiet time so rarely happens that it can feel incredibly uncomfortable. It’s an uneasiness that has us looking for something to do in order to bring us to a place of “normal.” Like scrolling our phone, having to turn on music or the television, or getting up to do a task. 

When we are in constant “input” mode, it is very hard to actually hear what God is saying. I felt very clear on this.

So what did I do about it?

I’ll share a few ideas and maybe they will help you carve out some true quiet space in your day.

Start small

I decided to begin by adding a dedicated true quiet space in my morning routine. After reading my bible and having some input with my current devotionals, I closed everything and just sat. Now, this was extremely hard, but I did it and started small, with just five minutes. As time goes on I will add more time, but I want to be successful and consistent, so five minutes works for me right now in this season.

Take a walk

If you have followed me on Instagram, you know I have committed to walking two miles five times a week. I normally love to put that time to use by listening to a podcast or some other training to inspire my mind. But this week, each time I walked, I wore no headphones and listened only to the sounds that surrounded me as I walked. This was extremely difficult. I love to be productive, and this seemed like such a waste of an opportunity to “multitask.”

However, it was very clear as I continued in the uncomfortable that I truly needed this space for not only my spiritual growth, but for my soul. It needed the quiet and lack of input. I would allow thoughts to enter my mind, often praying about the thought or person brought to mind and then let it go.

Find small windows

I have also started a window of time before I turn the lights out to just be quiet. I have also kept a journal by my bed so I can write down any thoughts that come to mind so I can either pray more on them or keep them to share with someone else. It’s been such a great routine for me, and I’ve seen such peace, even with doing it for such a short time.

I am so excited to create this space and be proactive in listening for God to whisper to me and engage. Don’t get me wrong, I have heard that whisper often, but I really felt like with all the noise I allowed in my life, I could certainly be missing some of what He was trying to convey to me.

So, I wonder, do you feel you could use some true quiet time in your life? If you haven’t already implemented spaces of quiet in your day, I encourage you to try one of these ideas, or come up with your own. I’d love to hear how it impacts your walk.

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