Practical Tips for Kids Chores

One tough nut in every family is the dreaded CHORE word!  I help so many moms to come up with ways to uniquely implement a successful chore system in in their home – but there are several components that are universal for parents to consider. Below are a few highlighted tips covered in one of my most popular Blog Talk Radio Episodes on Chores.  The audio is packed with good information and is just at 15 minutes – so grab a basket of laundry or a cup of coffee and listen in.  I would love for you to share your own tips on how you have successfully handled chores in your home too – please leave a comment for other moms.
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Consider these areas when considering how a chore system will flow in your home. Evaluate You will want to consider the ages of your children, their current abilities and development as well as what areas you would like to see them challenged in.  Chores are a way of helping build life skills in our children, so find ways to challenge them a bit out of their comfort zone too. Expectations Clear, concise and consistent expectations will help tremendously in the success of any chore system in your home.  Decide on daily and weekly chores, post them clearly, have a deadline for completion and do not NAG to get chores completed. Coordinator It is often very helpful to have one person “in charge” of chores in your home.  On person to “inspect” to make sure chores are accomplished both correctly and on time.  Also, their is no difference of expectation on how a task should be completed if you have different people sharing this responsibility.  How I think a bathroom should be cleaned may not be how my husband thinks it should be, so it could become very confusing for my child. Rotate Give children the opportunity to change chores.  Rotate tasks between children and even go so far as to ask them what chores they like doing.  Giving them an opportunity to have a say in what actually happens tends to provide more inspiration to comply. If you are wondering what chores to start with in your home, consider some of the tasks found in the Weekly Household Planner, many of these are perfect for you to delegate to little ones and NOT so little ones! Susan signature       Photo Credit  

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