Weekly Household Quick Tip

This week’s task for Tuesday in the Weekly Household Planner

Clean bottom shelf & drawers of refrigerator

Clean under/behind your refrigerator

These tasks are usually left until you just can’t take it anymore and have to spend a great deal of time clearing the frig and soaking drawers because of spilled items that have been left unattended.  When I began wiping down different areas of my frig on a regular basis I cannot tell you how nice it was to open my frig, let alone put new items in it.

I can clean a shelf while heating up lunch in the microwave – it really only takes 3 minutes to clear items to the side, spray and wipe a shelf.  It certainly beats having to find an hour to clean the entire frig.  Who looks forward to that?

I keep a general cleaner under my kitchen sink and a rag just for the tasks of wiping down refrigerator shelves, cleaning the microwave and wiping down the dishwasher door.  I love all the “Method” cleaners and my favorite for the kitchen is the Method Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaning Spray, Orange Zest.  It smells wonderful and it’s an easy size to store under the sink.  Target has the Method cleaning products on sale this week too for $2.69.

Cleaning under your refrigerator is really important too – by cleaning the coils on your frig you will help it run more efficiently and save you money on your energy bill.  If you are unsure of how to clean the coils, here is an easy explanation of how to do that.

Have you been sticking to the schedule to clean your refrigerator shelves, if so, have you noticed any difference?

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