Holding Your Tongue

No one would bite their tongue if they could help it. The title is figurative.  Although at my house we have a lot of tongue biting going on from one little 3 year old who is often very anxious to eat and things just get carried away, but that is another topic!

Sometimes, when speaking to our kids, they might say something that makes us want to speak, but we know that doing so would damage the relationship we’ve built.

What do you do in these situations?

It can be hard to know when to speak and when not to. That is a struggle for all of us. It can be even more of a struggle when you are talking about your kids. We only want the best for them, but sometimes that means not saying our piece.

Today I will share six reasons to hold your opinion for the sake of  your child

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Their friends are around

They are emotional

The consequence is bad enough

Children will make their own mistakes


Impacting their opinion

It can be hard to bite your tongue, but knowing when to can make life better for you and your kids.

Do you intentionally ‘bite’ your tongue?

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