Chapter TWO – The Antidote



In Chapter two we are talking about pride as well as confidence.  I thought this chapter was extremely critical to self-examine ourselves, but even more so, since this website and my business is “The Confident Mom.”  

“Pride, fear, insecurity, and judging perpetuate the Perfection Infection that taints our hearts and plagues our society”

Let me just clarify something first, I do consider myself a Confident Mom – but this online space is NOT where I sit and toot my own horn – as you’ve already seen I have many areas I struggle with.  If you haven’t read about it yet, just look a bit further.  

I’ve written about my struggles, my weaknesses and more – being as authentic as I can without completely embarrassing myself or others in my life {although I have embarrassed myself on several occasions!}

This venue is more a place where I can hopefully encourage you – to be a confident mom.  One who thinks clearly, knows why she chooses the choices that she does and stand firm in convictions.

In the first part of the reading you can easily begin to feel that being confident can be in fact a sin as it can easily be intertwined with pride.  The key word to keep in mind is   HUMILITY.  This is one OUCH word for me, to be quite honest. I have been known a time or two of thinking, “I can do it myself.”  Yep, also known as being a stubborn and tenacious German!

I loved this quote from Jill, it really spoke to my heart:

“Pride demands a voice.  Self-confidence is quiet, undemanding, and unassuming.  Pride believes you are better.  Self-confidence believes you are capable.  Pride is about taking.  Self-confidence is about offering.”

Jill goes onto to explain the difference between pride and self-confidence – I could relate to the examples she shared, could you?

Humility – this is a word I will pray about this week for myself.

Take off insecurity and put on confidence.

This is the exact phrase for my heart for this online venue known as “The Confident Mom.”  It is true, and certainly what I have found when I have worked with so many moms from all over the world – we all struggle with feeling competent for the job – we feel we don’t have what it takes or not enough information.  We mess up and cannot give ourselves grace.  It is those “inside our head” voices that end up being broadcast over our own loudspeaker.

Can you change that?

I am reading and studying, “Unglued” by Lisa TerKeurst right now in my bible study group.  One thing she states, which I am going to steal for this study too (and for life really!!) is: 

“Our goal isn’t to be perfect; that’s not realistic.  Our goal is to make progress – imperfect progress.”  

Doesn’t that sound good?  It is about making small changes and moving forward, little itty bitty baby steps at a time…but never the less, moving forward!

I leave you with my favorite quote of this chapter ladies, may it resonate in your heart and may you begin to feel freedom in who God created you to be – just YOU!

Tweet:     “Insecurity is bondage to who we’re not. Confidence is freedom in who we are! 

Did you download the discussion questions for this weeks chapter?  You can do that HERE.  Grab a notebook to place them in or jot them down in a journal.

Feel free to answer this question here on the blog:

Is it harder for you to be honest with yourself or honest with others?  Why?

I will be praying for each of these comments posted.

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