It’s a Wrap and a Surprise!!


So, we’ve come to the end of the books study, No More Perfect Moms – I love happy endings, but they are also sad.  I know from conversations on the Facebook page that you’ve seen growth, identified areas that God wants to show you and realized that we do not need to be perfect in ANY area – God is not asking that of us.

I hope you will hold onto this book and read it each year, refreshing your mind with truth and what is important.  Keeping your mind aligned with what you know to be powerful and real.  I will be doing the same.  Even though this is the second time I’ve read through the book, I still gleaned a lot!

So I have a surprise for you too, some may have already seen it on the FB page, but most have not – that silly Facebook is not showing anyone any updates!!  But, before I share that with you, I thought it would be fun to watch the blooper video that was put together from all the takes done to create the wonderful videos for the study.

If you are reading this in your ‘in-box” you will need to click through to the blog to watch – 


And now, for my other surprise…..

The Confident Mom is now sponsoring a child through Compassion!!!

Here is I was at the Hearts at Home Conference right after I signed up to be Shine’s sponsor – I was pretty darn excited about that!

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I am pleased to introduce to you Shine Eirene Andrap, who is 8 years old and lives on the plains of the Dohnavur in India.  I am pretty darn excited and feel this is one way we can unite together to share God’s love.


{Isn’t she gorgeous!!????}  

I felt my heart tug when I sat watching Jill Savage share about actually meeting her Compassion child in a video segment at the Hearts at Home Conference.  It was very touching.  After the segment, they began passing brochures that had children available for sponsorship, you’ve probably been to a concert or event where they’ve done this, you know how it goes.  When the stack came to me, I was really pulled to look through the pile, and now I know why.

Our family personally sponsors children and have over the years, but it came to me that it would be a great community feeling to share in the sponsorship of a child through my blog.  It was like a light bulb went on for me.

I was almost taken back when I began looking through the stack given to our row to review….they were all children from India.  My heart skipped.  I have a huge heart for India which began back when I was in high school.  I was selected to go on an international adventure to a Girl Guide House in Pune, India when I was a Senior in High School.  I was in India when Indira Ghandi was assassinated, back in October of 1984.  It was pretty incredible to be there while such an emotional event impacted the country.

Several years later I went back to India through an opportunity with the YMCA to attend a Leadership event in Hyderbad, India.  I experienced even more of the country and loved every minute.  There started my love of a country that was very different and very far from my home.

A few months back I was offered the chance to review a movie, Mother India about the overwhelming orphan population in India and I shared about it here on the blog.  It touched my heart deeply.  There is something magical about this country, so very far away that ignites something inside me.

So, when the packets being distributed in our row where of children living in India, I knew…… this was a calling.  An opportunity.  I looked through and picked a little girl who I thought was just adorable…..Shine.  How perfect!

I have yet to write her my introductory letter, but will be soon.  I am excited to share with her that it is not only me sponsoring her, but thousands of other ‘mamas’ from all over the world.  I am thrilled to use this blog as an avenue to make a difference to you, but also to a little girl half-way across the world.

You have often seen me post links to amazon products or books – well, you also likely know when I do I make a small commission on those purchases.  Every time you click and make a purchase, even if it is not the product you clicked through on, this blog gets a bit of changeto make a change.  

Here is my heart and my goal – this may be just the start, but I hope to grow sponsorship to more than one little girl.  If the amazon commissions generate enough money to sponsor more than one child on a consistent basis, then guess what?  We will do another!  If it goes beyond that….then we will do another!

I will be creating a graphic button that will appear on my home page on the right side bar with Shine’s picture that will link right to amazon.  If you are shopping online and can remember to click over to The Confident Mom first before placing your amazon order, then you will be adding to that fund!  It will cost you nothing more than a few seconds to do a few extra clicks.

I am excited to share and see where this challenge takes us!!  Know you can make a difference in the life of a little girl and perhaps another as we move ahead with this journey – pray for Shine when you remember, ask God to bless her and her family, to shower her with His love.

We can do this – YES we can!

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