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God's Provision

It’s that time for me to share with you some updates from “our girls”!  For those who are new here, this blog – through your wonderful effort of using my amazon affiliate link sponsor FOUR girls in India through Compassion.  I have an easy amazon button on my home page that you can easily use to click through when making any purchase; it doesn’t cost you anymore but every little bit helps.

We started a year ago with sponsoring Shine, then after I shared with you how I would add to our sponsorship if amazon affiliate payments increased, we were able to add two more girls, Gold and Hannah in May.  Then you all continued to amaze me and we added another, Judith back in November and we are again ready to add TWO MORE to our sponsorship!!!  Isn’t that exciting!

We will have a total of SIX girls we are sponsoring together.

Changing the lives of girls on the other side of the world because of a very small effort – using an amazon affiliate link!! 


Here are some updated letters from the girls – they shared about a recent trip they took, how well they are doing in school, asked for prayers for their family and also drew some fantastic pictures!!


I will be writing back in the next week, one thing which I really love is the fact that I can write back using the forms on the Compassion website, so I can actually copy the letter to each girl and then change it up a bit to personalize it.  Obviously, by adding several new girls, this letter writing could get more time consuming, but I really appreciate that Compassion has made it a bit easier.  

I can also attach photos easily to the letters I send – which I know is fun for them to see.

I will be getting a new graphic created with all the girls photos on it, we will be a total of SIX – so hopefully we can make it fit.  We are waiting to hear back to try to get girls from the same village as the four we already have, but we may have to pick another location near by.

Do you want to know my dream?  It is to plan a trip to India and then be able to meet these girls!  Yep, I know God has an amazing plan here with this entire journey and you just never know what He has planned in the future!

Watch for the updated graphic in the near future and I will share on the Facebook page when I get the names of the two new girls.  I know they would love you praying for them as well.

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