Ideas for a Fun and Memorable Spring Break Staycation

Spring Break Boredom Busters 2

Are you planning a staycation for spring break this year?

Whether you are staying home over concerns of the coronavirus, self-quarantine, school being canceled for a longer period of time, or because it’s your tradition, The Confident Mom’s 2020 Spring Break Staycation Activity Calendar has engaging boredom busters for kids and delightful activities to help you enjoy some family togetherness.

Spring break is a time for decompressing from the daily rigors of school and extracurricular activities. Travel not required! There’s plenty to enjoy right in your community or even your own backyard. The Spring Break Staycation Activity Calendar helps you enjoy your time off with creative, kid-friendly activities and yummy recipes that will stimulate their senses, revive their passions and create new ones, and nurture family bonds.

It’s completely free—really!

This is a FREE downloadable….eeeekk! I love being able to share and bless as many people as possible!

And even more great news…I’ve done all the work for you, making planning your spring break staycation as stress-free as possible!

Springbreakcal Collage PlainWhen you download the Spring Break Staycation Activity Calendar, you’ll get a one-week calendar with fun and affordable activities or recipes each day from Sunday through Saturday. Start with whatever day fits your schedule, or rearrange the days or move an activity to a different day if needed—this is meant to be fun for your family, so don’t stress if you can’t do all the activities on the day they are assigned!

Some of the activities or recipes will require supplies, so you will want to plan ahead! I’ve made this easy for you by creating a supply list—use the list to check off what you already have and make one trip to the store or order online to get the rest. Having the items on hand ahead of time for the activities or recipes you want to do will make spring break much more enjoyable for you! All the supplies are budget friendly.

It’s okay not to plan out every minute of the day

The calendar is meant to be flexible and used as a guide to create positive or learning moments in a structured, enjoyable manner. Not every minute of spring break has to be filled with activities; downtime is important to rejuvenate young bodies and minds. Many people will argue that children should have times of “boredom.” It is felt that boredom can help children get in touch with their creative side, learn motivation, and improve their well-being. With this in mind, feel free to skip an activity or even a day if that’s what your family needs.

Get the Spring Break Staycation Activity Calendar now

Are you ready to get started planning your spring break staycation? Head on over to this page to download your free copy and get started right now!

If you enjoy the Spring Break Staycation Activity Calendar, then be sure to check out my Summer Survival Calendar! Using this same concept, I’ve scoured the Internet for fun, kid-friendly, and affordable activities and recipes to fill your entire summer, all the way from May 1-August 31!

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