Perfect Truth, Perfect Love


God's Perfect-Love

Boy, I needed this chapter TODAY!  Seriously – today, and I need to remember this everyday.   No More Perfect Moms, Chapter 10.

I am NOT perfect, but God is.  

I often cause a lot of my grief and despair with my unrealistic expectations – I want to try with all my might to be it all – but I just cannot.  

Why can I not remember this?  Why do I often almost kill myself trying?

We must understand that the imperfect parts of our lives are counterbalanced with the reality of a perfect God who longs to shine HIS light through the cracks in our lives.

Such a great reminder…. I am full of cracks and need to share how imperfect I am so that others can rest in the comfort of knowing they are not alone and we can fine hope in the one thing that is – HIM.

Being confident of this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.  Philippines 1:6 NIV

My soul needs to be reminded of this daily….some days…hourly.  He has presented us with challenges along our path to mold us into who He desires us to be.  We often fight against these challenges, do you get me?  

In fact, right now I am in the midst of a HUGE challenge that I am not really digging too much.  I am struggling, fighting to keep things the same, but I know there is something bigger on the other side, I just need to let go of the control and let Him lead me through.  Why do we resist?

So many parts of our lives are like that – we want to keep control.  We want the reigns…in parenting, motherhood, our marriage, controlling our space……it all comes to a head when we cannot allow Him to come in and do some switching around.  We can fight, or we can surrender…it is a choice.

God loves you and me whether we’re having a good mothering day or a bad one.

Can you remember that?  I have to say I have a real hard time remembering.  I wish I could sticky note that all over my house, my car and the inside of my eye lids.  I can carry guilt around so heavy that it is suffocating.  

I have to grasp how much He loves me, even when I disobey His commands and do it my way.  All the times that I know I disappoint myself and Him as well….He still loves me.  He never fails me…..NEVER.

How can you remember that God loves you even on your worst days?

What identity in the Appendix do you want to memorize about your identity in Christ?  I am still reading through to figure out the one I will hold onto.

How can you fit more time into connecting with the truths that God so lovingly wants to lay on your heart?  Is it through reading scripture, listening to worship music, meditating in stillness?

What is your biggest take away from this chapter?

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