Help Your Dog Enjoy the Outdoors Annoyance Free

Help Your Dog Enjoy the Outdoors Annoyance Free

Raise your hand if you’re a dog family? {HAND UP!!}

Now that spring has sprung in most parts of the country, managing outdoor annoyances on our pets can be tricky.

I am excited to share how I love applying essential oils on my dogs – it is a fabulous way to support their wellness in big ways.  I love caring for my pets in a chemical free way.

I also had the pleasure of discovering a mom in my community who has a cottage business selling homemade dog collars which are 100% cotton and great for using essential oils with.


A great essential oil to try is RepelAroma™ from Young Living which is an exclusive blend of purifying and invigorating Citronella, Idaho Tansy, Palo Santo, and Tea Tree essential oils. Your pet will love being outside! You can easily apply a few drops on the cotton collar and send your pup outdoors and feel safe.

A portion of all proceeds from Animal Scents products goes to support Vital Ground, a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the habitat of grizzly bears and other wide-roaming wildlie. Isn’t that amazing? The wholesale price for RepelAroma is $12.75 for 15ml. That is fabulously economical! If you are not a wholesale member with Young Living be sure to check that out here.

If you want to learn more on how you can incorporate essential oils into your pet’s life, this is a great animal resource that I use.

Now I want to share with you a bit about my friend, Kathryn Maxson, who I had the great pleasure to run across and hear about her heart for Cimarron Valley Humane Society.

1. Tell me how you began your business of making items for dogs.

A little background of me: I have always been an animal lover. My bedroom growing up was decorated in the 101 Dalmatians theme. My grandfather built me a barn, and I always had a dog. I have also always had a sympathetic heart, crying over the simplest things. But it wasn’t until college that these two parts of my life came crashing together.

I really don’t know what was the trigger towards the collision, but I got involved with a promotional company my junior year and we were each asked to organize an event that called to our heart strings. And my first adoption event was planned. After that I became heavily involved with rescue, specifically Cimarron Valley Humane Society.

There are times when being a foster parent is hard. Most of our weekends are full with adoption events, transportation, or training. But the knowing that you are saving a life keeps you going.

2. Tell me a little about yourself and your heart for animals.

I have been an avid sewer for years. I learned how to sew as soon as I could reach the pedal of the machine. Like my mother, I do not broadcast this too much so that I don’t get inundated with people asking me to do little projects for them.

However, in 2013, I had a friend call me wanting me to give her a basic sewing lesson. I love teaching people how to sew. I think that it is a skill that is very useful for someone to know. So she wanted me to teach her how to sew so that she could start a side business of making collars for her pups and other people.

After teaching her how to do it I had to go out and buy the essentials to make some custom collars for my own dogs. Of course then one of my friends through the rescue wanted one (or four). At that point it occurred to me, maybe I could sell these to raise money for the rescue. That way we could be constantly getting money in without begging for it. And so began CVHS’ Creative Collars and Things.

It didn’t take long for some of my other crafty friends to start introducing me to craft shows where I could sell the collars to raise the money. Then it was – well, we need more items to sell than just collars – so Pinterest gave me ideas to add leashes, bowties, flowers, poofs, etched treat jars, leash/treat holders, poopy bag holders, and toy mice to the stock of items I make. This “business” was born out of a way to help the rescue beyond fostering and asking people for donations.

3. What is your favorite way to incorporate essential oils and your all natural collars to help your pet in natural wellness protection and enjoying the outdoors annoyance free?

Last year in February I finally won the discussion with my husband over trying essential oils. I had originally been introduced to them the previous year and had learned that they can help support our immune system in the changing of seasons. But to convince him was a bit harder, but I succeeded.

Then it was a matter of realizing that the company that I chose, Young Living, supported my love of animals by having items that were specifically geared towards them. I use the animal line with my pets in two ways – one is simply putting one drop of the blend RepelAroma on their collars once a week or so, and knowing that the collars that I have on my pets are ones that I have made and I know the makeup of the fabric and that means I know the oils won’t harm or deteriorate the collar.

The other way is I have made a mix of grapeseed oil, Infect Away, Mendwell, and Puriclean and this gets sprayed on when there is a need to support healthy skin. The blend is just different enough that the dogs don’t try to lick it off.

4. Tell me about how you donate profits to the shelter and what impact it has made.

I wish I could say it was as easy as the profit goes to Cimarron Valley Humane Society, but I can’t. It is actually easier. I give all of it to the rescue. When you purchase a collar through CVHSCC that money goes straight to CVHS for the dogs’ use. All of the purchases of supplies comes out of my pockets as part of my donation to the rescue. The money, which is much more needed, goes to them.

The craft shows that I participate in on average bring in $150 and though at the moment I only do four a year, that is still money that is desperately needed. Often times the money raised during these event has already been earmarked for a use, whether that be paying our bills at the vet hospital, sending dogs on transport, or paying for training for the needy.

5. How can dog lovers order items from you?

Orders are usually custom orders so they take some time because I am making the collar to your exact specifications. They can be received at a craft show, through the Facebook page associated with the business, through our website, one on one conversations, or through our Etsy store.

The easiest method is to either message the page on Facebook or email me through my personal email address – I do work full-time and this is all out of my pocket so sometimes I am a bit delayed in updating shops or websites. Please work with me to get you the best collar for your animal.

So, go grab your pup a new collar and try some essential oils this summer! You will not only be thankful you did, but you will be supporting a great cause as well.

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