How Are You in Your Skin?

“A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”

-Mark Twain

Hal’s Take: Being comfortable in your own skin is one of the most endearing qualities that you can possess. When you stop and think about the people in your life that you just love to be around, chances are, they are very much at peace with themselves.

Way too often, we chase this comfort by seeking the approval of others. We NEED to know that they approve of how we’re living our lives and raising our kids. In the saddest cases, we seek this approval from our own children. None of this will get us anywhere. Only by learning to value ourselves can we relax and be comfortable with others.

-Hal Runkel, LMFT author of ScreamFree Parenting

The Confident Mom’s Take: I completely agree with what Hal says here.  In addition, I think feeling comfortable in your own skin has a lot to do with being a Confident Mom.  Knowing the decisions you are making for your family are the right ones and  knowing the reasons behind those decisions are key to you being comfortable.  Often times moms I begin coaching with are struggling with being judged or viewed too critically by others.  We work together to find a concrete backbone to how they want to parent, what is important to them as a family and how those fit in with their priorities.  When you can answer those questions, you have a great combination for being comfortable with you and making those tough decisions!

For more information on ScreamFree Parenting and how you can begin to raise responsible and caring adults, click here.

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