I am on VACATION…….No April Fools!

Now, the picture represents how I feel about now…..window down…..streaming down the highway……hair flying (okay, I don’t have long hair, but it is red!)…..and  NO WORK for  10 days!  YIPPEEEE!   Yep, you heard me right….NO WORK, oh well….except for that job that you never get “off” from ……being a mom! :-)

I wanted to let readers know that I am going on vacation April 1st and won’t be back until April 12th.  I have put together a few posts during my absence that I think you will find enjoyable and helpful, so keep checking back.  Our family of 5 is off on an adventure with our new RV we purchased a couple months ago.  Just imagine……5 people, 2 dogs and 10 days in an RV – Seattle to California and back.  I am sure I will have some funny stories when I return, plus I have a birthday in there that will surely be fun!

I hope you are able to celebrate Easter with your family and friends and remember how glorious of a day it is!

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