Kitchen Secrets for Busy Moms

So I am still enjoying my vacation and if you can imagine, I am cooking in a 2 X 3 foot area for a family of 5 in our RV!  Not a lot of home cooking going on there, but when I return I know be back in my real kitchen.  I thought you might enjoy some helpful links to some posts I found that are sure to be good for Family Managers just like us!

From my favorite gal in the kitchen, Jen @ How To Simplify serves up a yummy looking chicken chili that would certainly make a double recipe to serve later out of the freezer!

White Chicken Chili –  How To Simplify

How about some great ideas on how to eat healthy on a budget?  Jog on over to @Simple Mom to check out this post:

11 Tips for Eating Healthy – Simple Mom

You know your kids love chicken nuggets, so why not try these good looking Chicken Strips?

Family Friendly Chicken Strips – Simple Bites

Need some ideas and help for dinner?  Our family has been having some really delicious and EASY dinners courtesy of Emealz.  If you haven’t heard of this wonderful meal planning service – you have been missing out!  A week of planned meals, grocery list and recipes. Plus you get to pick what grocery store you shop in order to save more money, because they use what is on special that week – PLUS you can choose from dozens of different meals plans, like low-fat, low-card, etc.  All for $5 a month – now I save more on my groceries by using Emealz, so basically I am getting it for free.


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