Tips on Becoming An Intentional Mom

Tips on Becoming An Intentional Mom

Over the past month, I have had to take some time to really evaluate my time management – especially with regard to my role as a mother.

I am in this very strange season of life (or maybe they are all really strange and unique!). I have grown kids – one who is out of the home and one who is in college – and a step-son who lives with us part-time and then a six year old. There are days of the week I am not sure who will show up for dinner, let alone what my schedule and focus needs to be.

As a work at home mom of two businesses, I found myself using this as an excuse to avoid and often brush off my responsibilities as a mother and a homemaker. Yes, I am ashamed to admit it, but it is the truth. I have the type of personality which loves having a purpose – and I had focused my purpose in the wrong direction. I was focusing most of my energy on others outside my home.

Maybe you don’t have a home business or work outside the home or even have more than one child, but I can tell you that being intentional with our time or tasks and especially our hearts is critical in our role at home.

Here are some things I’ve incorporated in the last month which has helped me re-focus and be more intentional.

Taking a Sabbath

I had heard a lot about this concept, but it wasn’t until I was really focusing on some personal development in some key areas in my business, that I discovered how out of balance my life was. I had a wake-up call in my personal life and this FREE book was a game changer for me. I realized that not only my body but my mind must have a break from the every day life that I was living.

The Bible talks about taking a Sabbath weekly. I encourage you to look into this if you are experiencing a lack of joy, peace, feeling overworked, and your spirit is dry. I also read this short book – Do No Work: Beat Burnout, Find Inner Peace, and Strengthen Your Faith by Studying the Most Overlooked of the Ten Commandments by Andrew Gilmore. It was inspiring and helped me grab hold of this concept.

Keeping a Planner

Okay, so I have to admit – I am only on my first week of this system, but it has changed the flow of my days for the better! I love my Weekly Household Planner for home tasks, but I needed something to help me focus and schedule my time as a mom, wife, business owner, friend, and create space for self-care. This Passion Planner has done it! Here is a snapshot of my planner for this week.

My Passion Planner

I have structured my time in a way that I get many tasks completed, but there is also white space and dedicated time for the things that matter: family, marriage, kids, self-care, and work. Loved using my erasable pens and Washi tape – I will get more creative as I proceed!

We all need routine and structure to our day. I thought I could house this “routine” all inside my head – but I was wrong. This method is so helpful for me – to see it visually.

Daily Quiet Time

I speak of this often and it is critical to the success of my day. I am getting up regularly between 5:30 – 6:00 AM in order to read my Bible and do some journaling. I just got this amazing book, Quieting Your Heart: 6-Month Bible-Study Journal. Have you seen it? I will be sharing more on this in a separate blog post. I love using my YouVersion Bible App as well as the First 5 App, and I am currently reading, The Quiet Place: Daily Devotional Readings by Nancy Leigh DeMoss. I work through a different devotional each year and I love this one.

Having Fun

This one is a hard one for me, but I am slowly breaking out of my shell! I can often be too serious, too engrossed in my “busy tasks”, to take time to have fun. So, even though I am not much of a game lover, I am trying to set aside that time to play silly games with my six year old. I also have a hard time reading books that my little guy enjoys, but I am being intentional in taking that time to sit and be with him and connecting in a way that he will enjoy.

We went on our first family hike two weeks ago, on one of our Sabbath days, and my six year old loved it. As I plan my days in the upcoming weeks I will be putting some hikes on our Fridays. Fridays are a no-school day for us and can get a bit boring. I was typically trying to work on Friday, but I think it will be better to schedule my work on the others days and have a space open for fun. It’s a win for everyone.

What are areas you struggle with? Can you think of one thing you can focus on during the next few weeks to help you push into an intentional mindset? I realize we are all busy and we all have “things” that keep us busy, but we can also use a lot of excuses to avoid what we need to focus on. That was me, using a lot of excuses. It was time to throw them out and live the life God has set before me in the best way I can.

Here’s to cheering you on to being more intentional today!

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