Nap Time For All

Do you nap?  Do your kids nap?  Do you think your kids are too old to nap?

Refreshment during the middle of the day is good for everyone – not just the babies in your home.  Since my diagnosis with Lupus a year ago, I have taken this to heart.  I tend to push myself to keep going, but in the end it seems like it always backfires on me.  I end of barely making it to bedtime and honestly, my attitude and patience level decreases greatly.

So on the advice of my dear hubby, I began taking a small break in the afternoon.  He has always been a big napper and I honestly thought it was rather lame!  I mean, we had stuff to do, places to go, kids to manage!  I didn’t have time to nap – or did I?

When I finally allowed my body to take a break in the afternoon when my toddler took his nap, I saw that I managed to actually get more done and in a better way.  So as a mom, I declare – NAPS for all!

As summer is approaching and older kids will be home for the entire day, I think it is important to incorporate this nice ‘break’ into your day.  It is good for everyone.

Here are a few tips on making nap time or quiet time work in your house:

Set the Time

Decide what works for you and your family.  It could be 20 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour.  But if you can, make it the same time each day.  This way their is no confusion, negotiating or discussion.

Everyone has a place

Whether kids go to their rooms, a comfy couch or fort in the living room, everyone has a place to call their own for the set time.


This is a no noise zone!  Make this an expectation and stick with it!

Allowed activities

Not everyone will sleep and that is okay.  Allowing other quiet activities is certainly appropriate.

  • reading
  • writing in journals
  • drawing
  • listening to iPods (with ear buds)
  • listening to books on CD

Time’s Up

Decide how you will let everyone know the time is up.  You can tell older kids to look at their watches/clocks, set a timer or have one of the children be in charge of knocking on doors.  Find a method that works for you and your family.

How have you made napping work in your family?

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