How I am Taking Care of Me!

A few weeks back I had a post about being a Worn Out Crabby Mom, maybe some of you related when you read that!  I took a little time for a retreat, went on vacation with my family and am now back trying to implement the changes I have decided must be made.  Here are a few of those that I wanted to share with you today.

  • Get up early for “quiet time”

This is a must – and I totally see it in my day and how I react to stress when I do NOT make this happen.  It is all in my control what time I get up, so I have no one to blame but myself!  If I get 30 minutes of time with God, reading, journaling – wow, it makes a big difference.  Have you made this a priority for you?

  • Get outside

Since we have gotten back from vacation the weather here in Seattle has been wonderful, so it is much easier to get outside than when it is rainy and cold out!  I have been trying to get out with my dogs at least once per day – walking around the block with them or even just out throwing the ball.  Our new puppy, Riley is a superstar at retrieving the ball, so that  is always fun.  The fresh air does me good and makes me a happier mom!

  • Join a Group

Some of you who have followed me know I have run a few half-marathons.  I have always just trained on my own, which is great but also a little lonely.  I have never really had a trainer to help me so have been left to go it alone.  So, when I decided to do my next half-marathon in June I noticed that our gym had a running training group that met once a week.   Instead of balking at paying for training (I mean how is this – you pay for someone to kick your rear??) or telling myself I couldn’t possibly take that time away from my other duties as mom and business owner, I just signed up!  It was such a great experience running with other women and sharing this together, that I ended up signing up for another group to help with my performance too!  So now I am in two different groups.  Some of the gals do participate in both groups, so as an added benefit I will have the chance to make some new friends too.

  • Pause

I have learned to just take a pause….just stop what I am “busy” doing and sit quietly for a minute.  It doesn’t have to be long, but enough to clear my mind and let myself “be” for just a minute.  I can be sitting at my desk, hopping in the car, standing in the shower……I just take a minute and I just am.

Learning to take care of yourself is not a luxury ladies, it is a necessity for you and for your family.  Find out what works for you and make it happen.  I highly doubt that someone is going to be coming around asking what they can do for you, if someone did consider yourself really lucky.  Be proactive to make things happen and be intentional in refreshing yourself.  This is precisely what we talk about in my Optimum Mom Coaching.  Self-care is so often overlooked, but so important.  I challenge you to make one change starting this weekend.  You will be glad you did.

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