Week One: The Fringe Hours – Balance


Chapt 1
Here we are to kick this book study off!  I know many of you have already been reading – it is so good!

Self-care is not a ‘new’ topic – I’ve talked about it here on the blog many times, discussed it with moms I’ve coached and tried to implement in my own life.  But, it often gets neglected when we get out of routine or chaos begins to overrun our lives.  It goes to the very bottom of the list and then as with many things at the bottom, we never get to it.

Most of us have trouble juggling.  The woman who says she doesn’t is someone whom I admire but have never met.   Barbara Walters 

Pursuing Balance is our focus today.


Before We Begin

Part 1 – Explore

Chapter 1, Pursuing Balance  (pp. 13-36)


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What resonated with you from the video?

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