The Definition of Being Organized – Nikki Kinzer

Do you think the picture of above is a good representation of being organized?  I am going to guess at first glance you may think this closet is actually very messy

Many people think organization has to look like beautiful baskets and bins neatly displayed and of course labeled… Not true! Organization is a process and I believe always a work in progress.

So what is organization suppose to look like?

If you were to ask me what my definition of being organized is, it would be this simple: If you are happy in your space and you can find your things when you need them, then you are well organized!

It really has nothing to do with the bins and the labels or the newest organizing product on the market.  For some people the product can actually be more confusing than helpful.

Organization can be as simple as putting all your coats into one closet, rather than having them spread out in the house.   For example see the picture above! Organization can be as simple as always putting your purse and keys in the same place everyday.   The average American spends 55 minutes a day looking for items they know they have but cannot find.  By putting a system in place for these everyday items we need, we can take back our time!

The basic principal of organization is…. for everything there is a place.  Every item in your home has to have a place to live.

Being organized is about the system you put in place; it’s not about the product. Just because you may have the latest and greatest organizing bin does not mean you are organized.  It’s how you use the bin that counts.  Does it have a purpose?

Develop a good system and then you will be organized!

Above, I said it’s a work in progress, because it is… What works right now, may not work a year from now.  As soon as your system starts breaking down, it’s time to reevaluate!

Happy Organizing!

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