Kiwi Crate – Rain Forest Adventure


I recently had the wonderful privilege of being sent a complimentary Kiwi Crate box – which was thoroughly enjoyed by my 4 year old and I one Saturday afternoon.  It was perfect!  As I have shared before, I am not very talented in the ‘crafty mom’ area!

I love the idea behind Kiwi Crate and how it can help moms like me who just don’t have that creative gene in them!   Each month Kiwi Crate designs a hands-on project for kids ages 3-8 around a fun theme – the box we received was on The Rainforest.   

For less than $20 per month, you will receive multiple arts, crafts, and science activities – delivered right to your door – can you say – YES!!!!  Saved by the postman!


In this box for May, we received items to make Jumping Frogs and a Rainstick.  I absolutely love that everything is included – I mean everything – rubber bands, colors and even a pair of scissors – you could easily order one and take it on a vacation with you and not worry about not having supplies you might need – love that!


I have a 4 year old little boy, so both projects were right up his alley.  I colored a few frogs and even his 17 year old big brother did too – it was fun to do together.  I really like that the instructions are clear, easy to read and follow – and there are pictures to go along with the wording, so even though he couldn’t read, he could see what step was next in the process.

We finished the Jumping Frogs and he loved trying to launch them into the little ponds we had cut out.


The next project was a Rainstick.  With easy to use stickers and end caps, he almost completed it entirely on his own – which made him really proud!  Now, when I asked him to stand with his Rainstick for a picture he was a bit “uncooperative” but I knew other moms with 4 year olds would appreciate the expression on his face!


After we finished our crafts we had a fun time going through the “Explore – play and learn magazine for kids” that had a bonus project in it (a hanging snake, I mean what 4 year old would not love a hanging snake!??)  There were interesting facts to learn, activities, experiments and more ideas – and even a snack time idea.


 I am really excited to grab the Kiwi Crate Summer Adventure Series.

For the months of June – August, each crate will include exciting summer themed projects, bonus activities and fun surprises for the family!

June – Camping Trip

Explore the great outdoors with a camping expedition!


July – Beach Day

Discover sea creatures & tide pools in Kiwi Crate’s seaside adventure


August – Amusement Park

Play & learn with a special trip to the amusement park


 Special Offer: New subscribers can save 25% on a 1st month subscription with code SUMMER25 (excludes sibling add-ons).

How Does it Work?


I plan to sign up and grab the boxes for the summer – make sure to sign up by June 16th to start your summer series, if you sign up after that date, you will begin in July, missing the Camping Trip box.  

The boxes are a great rainy day stand-by activity or to take along when we go out of town.  I truly do love that everything is included.  If you have a child with a summer birthday, why not offer this up as a gift idea?  It would be a fun way to engage with your child and create some fun projects together.  Have more than one child, no worries – you can choose to ‘add on’ supplies to make double the fun, so no one is left out in the projects.

Have you used Kiwi Crate before?  What was your favorite things about it? 

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