The Price Is Real

As I sit and try to gather my thoughts for a post that would even come close to recognizing what Memorial Day truly means in the heart of America, I get a bit tongue tied.

I think…. well, I know and I am embarrassed to admit I take for granted the things that others gave for me to live the life I have today.  Those sacrifices are not as embedded in my life and experiences as have been for those who grew up in more war torn era’s of previous generations.

What I am reminded of, as I think of those that lost their lives fighting for FREEDOM and our protection are the families impacted, and for me….. this year – for those spouses who are left behind when their loved one gets deployed.  

For me and my area of experience and sharing, I am touched with those moms who care for families for months at a time while their husband’s are out of the country. (Yes, I know there are many families who experience the opposite, they have a wife that is deployed and the husband stays home to care of the family, but for me and my sharing here, I focus on the mom, the one I can identify with.)

It helps me find perspective in the knee deep mess that I can find myself in when I feel desperate parenting alone, when my husband is gone – but he comes back every 3-4 days.  I gives me extreme compassion for that mom who has to fight through nine months of parenting alone…. keeping the fight strong because it is what you have to do.

You are remembered.

You are important.

You are treasured.


I ran across Kristen Strong’s page over at Chasing Blue Skies:  Military Wives Resources (and those who love them!) that I wanted to pass along.  Even if you are not a military mom, I bet you would find some value pieces of empowerment here that you could use on a daily basis.

I do not live in a big local military community, but I bet I could find a military wife not too far from me who I could bless.  I loved these ideas she shared here.

How about you, can you “remember” this day all year long by finding a military family to bless?

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