5 Tips to Plan the Best Summer Ever



Summer vacation can either bring feelings of anxiety and stress to mind or it can bring excitement and joy!  For many moms, it causes stress and an overwhelm that can almost knock you down.

I know, I was that mom.  Wondering what to do all summer long with my kids once the school bell rang.  As a work-at-home mom, it can be even more challenging to get the most out of summer, while not falling way behind with the business too.

I knew I was not the only mom to struggle in this area, so I created the Confident Mom Summer Survival Calendar – and I am excited to say this is the 5th year anniversary for this ready-made summer fun plan.

It is a practical resource to get your summer ideas all in one place.  

I wanted to share a few tips which can help you manage summer even better.  I discuss ten topics in detail in the Summer Survival Action Guide and Audio Workshop, but wanted to share a few here with you to get your summer jumpstarted for FUN!

Allow Time to Decompress

When we transition from the busy school year full of routine and structure to the lazy days of summer, it can be a bit challenging.  I suggest finding a bit of time to transition into a time of loose structure, so you can have some set time structure, but also have a fun time of just relaxing while you kick summer off.

In our family we love pajama days, so this has become a favorite way to transition and be completely at home and allow that decompression to organically occur.

Get A Plan

This is where I can help!  In the Action Guide, I carry you through ten steps to create a summer plan that works for you and your family.  You can begin by having a family meeting and discuss what activities you would like to do as a family, put your planned activities on the printable calendar, let your kids explore the Summer Fun worksheet to see what ideas they come up with and then set some goals too.

With the Summer Survival Calendar you will also have at least one fun activity to do as a family already planned.

Be Prepared

This is where often times I fail.  I can come up with some great ideas, but if I fail to plan, then everything will fall apart.  Precisely why I came up with the Summer Calendar full of over 120 activities all ready planned out for you – and – the best part – a weekly supply list already created to help you BE PREPARED!  It truly doesn’t get easier than this.

We are still in school here at our house, but this Friday I am going to make the fun Mason Jar Superhero Bank with my five year old.  He is going to love it.  Even though I am only doing that one activity this week, I can easily just look on the supply list for Friday and see what I need.  No weeding through a big long list to find the one project that you are going to do.

Have Fun Everyday

Whether you choose to follow along with the Summer Calendar ideas or not, find a way to engage and enjoy the summer carefree days together as a family.  Making crafts, hiking, swimming, camping, cooking – they are all excellent ways to share summer together.  Family memories are important in providing elements to help kids feel connected.


Yes, it’s great to have a plan, but as with anything, plans often come apart at the most inconvenient times.  Just remember – as you go through summer, expect things to happen that will derail your day.  Maybe it’s rain on the day you planned to go to the beach – go with the flow and find ways to adapt.  This will help everyone make the best day, even if it rains on your parade!

Here is a little peak at me sharing about The 2015 Confident Mom Summer Survival Calendar

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