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Quiet Time

We all need it – quiet, space to think, plan, contemplate, pray.  Where you fit it in your day is up to you…..as long as you fit it somewhere.  For most, the morning is the easiest and most logical spot to get focused and refine our ‘attitude’ for the day.

Today I started HelloMornings, in order to get back on track with my morning routine.  We’ve been out of town nearly all of April, away from our normal routines and I’ve fallen off of my daily quiet time. I need that time, and it shows when I don’t get it.  I started a new study today, in a group with other ladies who struggle with fitting it all in too.  We can support and encourage each other to find the time, make it a priority and see God work in our lives.

What helps you get your quiet time in each day?  Are you a morning person, afternoon person or evening person?  As long as you find a system that works for you – and you will know when you’ve found one, that is all that matters!

If you’ve gotten off track, make a goal to get back on track before summer arrives and your time and resources as a mom are put into overdrive!  Find refreshment and inspiration, be renewed by the time alone.

What time of day works for you to refocus? 

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